Spiritual Standards perhaps began with Primitive African Elders instructing their youth that Right Life Living Ideas are seen in Processes of Nature. Such helps give ones Conscience an Icon Image of Human Ideal thinking by modeling Nature’s methods of doing the most good, for the most people, over the longest period of time. Both these patterns of Nature and Thought are then used to direct ones own Lifestyle and Destiny.African Youth came to know this by spending long years in the forest studying plants, herbs, and berries. But it was Tehuti, the Black African Master of all the world’s Masters of all times, who crystalized these aspects of Nature into Spiritual Standards. First, by gathering practices from all over Africa, he established the entire Web of the Cosmos as being formed of the same Primordial (first in Finite Time or Space) Spiritual Elements “Genetics” of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural. Emanating out of customized Genetic arrangements and combinations are each of the Cosmic Creatures and Creations. Second, since Nature transforms Spiritual Elements ingredients into Entities, Tehuti said all in the Web is vital (since nothing is superfluous) and together they have continuity (unity in diversity). This, the Law of Correspondence, is the highest Spiritual Standard available to Supreme Thinking. It serves as the basis of QualitativeMathematics, enabling Ma’at humans to fashion processes for arriving at Circumstantial (Spiritual) Truths. Using them, Spiritual Inferences are made that open insight into what constitutes inner Observable aspects in the Seeable world as well as within oneself. This, African Sages’ way to “Know Thyself,” is what can be inferred to fashion Spiritual Standards for oneself and into Cosmic Laws. 

Cosmic Laws that identically apply to oneself include: (1) the observable Law of Holonomy: the whole is inside the Seed; the whole is contained in each of the Seed's manifested parts; and the Seed is found throughout the whole; (2) Verification of the Law of Holonomy came from Mathematical Patterns of regularities in Nature which characterize certain Cosmic Laws of Nature as: (3) the Law of Creativity—i.e. by itself, any given Spiritual Element reproduces itself to become the thing it makes, regardless of its new form. (4) Confirmatory to the Law of Correspondence and Laws derived from it is the Law of Spiritual Circularity or Reversibility—i.e. the parent and its offspring are interchangeable at the Essence level of each. An analogy is the apple tree providing apple seeds, each of which can give rise to a like-kind apple tree. From Ancient African Sages Observing these “Oneness” Spiritual Laws orchestrate the Physical World led them to infer Qualitative Mathematical Harmony exists throughout all Spiritual and Metaphysical aspects of the Cosmic Web. Also, inferred was that Qualitative and Quantitative Mathematics pervade every part of Cosmic Physical realms. As a result, they concluded that each Cosmic Law is present in the Natural World’s multitude of Cosmic multi-systems–ranging in size from submicroscopic to the Cosmos itself. The Law of Correspondence was used to infer that all Cosmic Entities share the same Spiritual Elements “Genetics”—but each in a customized way. Hence, Nature, Humans, and Spiritual Standards are analogized to a “Cloud” which is never the same from moment to moment since all of its ingredients are flowing within the Processes of their Essences. 

By contrast, Europeans’ Standards are Supernatural, military, and designed for the Physical. From a flag or banner’s standing place—called a Standard (C12)—gathered warriors on camels, horses, or foot. Then, all got to know each other and formed  alliances/liaison, with esprit de corps (team spirit), as they rode together into battle. Once on the battle field, the Standard was a flag displayed so troops could rally to it and receive authoritative “All-or-None”–“Either/Or” commands from their leaders. Starting with primitive Europeans (c45,000 BC), such Supernatural Cult leader’s dictates have been deemed ‘Concrete’. This equates to an immediate experience of realities—stemming from delusions of concrete things in the Physical World being the ultimate in solid. So, what brings them unfair advantages are Supernatural physical Standards—i.e. part of or standing for actual See-able or Physically realizable things (e.g. sensations). Emphasized are money, power, status, luxuries, animalistic pleasures, recognition in the Hall of Infamy. Taking by the GUN or by Deception, possessions from feigned enemies and those they envy most are honored unfair disadvantages Standards.jabaileymd.com; JABLifeSkills; Theievoice.com



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