Dr. Joseph A. Bailey, II, MD., FACS

Etymologically,“Adapt” and “Adjust” meanings remain in the flow of primitive European (c45,000 BC) alliance/liaison warrior thinking pertaining to riding together into a battle. Alliances are mutually helpful participants who are psychologically and philosophically disconnected from each other—and yet feature the sharing of common character traits in complex, vicious, dramatic, excitement displays, as from Indifference/Hate/Evil/Sadism (IHES) mindsets. Liaisons (“a binding together”) are an association of self-centered group contacts or individuals, each with his/her own self-interest agenda. Yet, without having any intimate connection between them, they support each other against feigned enemies. Despite disliking each other, Alliances and Liaisons are Supernatural cults who stop fighting each other to ensure mutual understanding, unity of action, and prompt and effective network support so all can rob others and use the gains in typically anti-humane ways. “Adapt” (late Middle English,1066-1500, ‘fit’) means to make suitable. “Adjust” (C14, to set beside) means bringing into close proximity to harmonize discrepancies with a standard or to bring near to join battle. Within its military setting, all members of the Supernatural (fantasy) cults must Adapt and Adjust to dictates from their Satanist leaders. “Adapted” and “Adjusted” are more about Appropriate or Fitting—i.e. something or someone has been changed to fit, to suit new circumstances or a different environment. To illustrate, because animals were readily available, Primitive Africans “Adapted” and “Adjusted” to their ushering in Humankind (c200,000 BC) by  using rocks and spheres to kill animals. This made it easier to get needed food supplies of meat. Meanwhile, the Sans Ba-Twa (or Bushman as called by Europeans) of Kalahari taught their youth to use their senses to communicate directly with animals by means of imitative unspoken voice sounds (e.g. the bird’s “cau, cau, cau”). 

Their descendants, to this day, engage in the Click, Whistle, and similar imitative language practices of animals as well as use “Flash Sonar” or “Echo Location” to acquire information (e.g. how close one is to something) out of sound changes. In addition, by expanding upon these unspoken voice sounds in ways conforming to Nature’s beautiful rhythms, the Ba-Twa created the first words of the world’s first language. This invented Poetic Speech and its Figures of Communication offspring. Over the millennia the beginnings of socialization brought the necessity for symbolic words called Language. Similarly, African people “Adapted” and “Adjusted” to each other by their willingness to change various assumptions and what they did daily. Such helped them understand others and themselves. Their change, evolution, and revealings were prompted by the advances being made all over Africa, as in relying on African Tradition’s Subjective Science tools—i.e. Observation, Reflection, “Pure” Feelings, Productive Imagination, Contemplation, Inductive and Deductive Inferences, and Common Sense. Each insight allowed inferences to arrive at circumstantial evidence and judgments about the existence of a One Universal High Spiritual Cosmic Force. The Subjective Sciences made clear that patterns in Nature were like their own human experiences. So, strivings to adjust their daily living to the Processes of Nature opened them to seeing the Common in the Uncommon and the Uncommon in the Common. Each elevated them into new views, new ideas for designs, and new meanings for the ordinary. 

From studying Ancient African history and the drastic changes coming from their interactions with warrior Europeans, I learned not all things presented are to be “Adapted”/“Adjusted” to, since some are not right. To Adopt aspects of African Tradition’s Philosophy of Life (POL) for ones Static Background mind usage is off limits to any Adaptations. Yet, that POL is to be constantly refined by spending 10 minutes a day studying Ancient African Bible POL Messages. Ones Selfhood Static Background POL supplies patterns for ones Dynamic Foreground interactions with people. As long as one stays within the POL’s Spiritual Elements flow of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural, new ways are to be tried to improve relationships and behaviors with non-evil people. Such will not work with Supernatural people. Paths to becoming “Adapted”/“Adjusted” start with seeing flaws within oneself and correcting them. Next, eliminate people that are not tolerable. Finally, find ways to deal with dislikes in people who are accepted. jabaileymd.com; JABLifeSkills; Theievoice.com



Joseph A. Bailey II, MD, FACS


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