A San Bernardino Connection

A San Bernardino Connection

San Bernardino

Inland community members were concerned when members of the White Supremacists’ Rise Above Movement (R.A.M.) gathered in San Bernardino and participated in “an anti-Sharia law” protest in June 2017. 

The signs they carried clearly expressed their hatred and racism, “RAPEFUGEES stay away NOT WELCOME” and “Defend America Islamists out!” some of the signs read. 

The  small  R.A.M.  organization  was  bornin  Southern  California  and  over  the  last  cpuple  of  years  has  agitated  in  communities  around  the  state.  As  appalling  as  its  2017  rally  was  to  most  inland  residents,  few  could  have  foreseen  what  would  playout  in  Charlottesille,  Virginia,  a  few  short  months  later  nor  have  imagined  the  role  this  group  would  play  in  an  event  that  rocked  the  nation. 

On August 11 and 12, 2017, R.A.M. joined torch carrying members of several other White Supremacist organizations including members of the  alt-right, neo-Confederates, neo-fascists, white nationalists, neo-Nazis and various other militias in a Unit the Right rally.

Hundreds converged in Chalottesville. In addition to the Unite the Right protesters there were also those who opposed them, however it was the Unite the Right protesters who came prepared to do battle. Armed with paramilitary weapons they attacked those who gathered in solidarity against them. When the two days of terror were over, several protestors were left injured and one young woman was dead. 

Last Tuesday, more than a year after the shameful Charlottesville incident, federal prosecutors publicly bought charges against four members/associates of R.A.M.  The charges accused Drake Daley and Thomas Walter Gillen of Redondo Beach, Michael Paul Miselis of Lawndale, and Cole Evan White of Clayton, of traveling to Charlottesville last year, with the intent to incite a riot and commit violence. All four of the men were arrested. 

Thomas Cullen, a U.S. Attorney in the Western District of Virginia referred to the four men as “serial rioters.” He stressed, “This wasn’t in our view the lawful exercise of 1st Amendment rights. These guys came to Charlottesville to commit violent acts.”

Header Photo: U.S. Attorney Thomas Cullen speaking at a news conference last week.

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