1 Thing You Don’t Know About Us

1 Thing You Don’t Know About Us

In the past 45 years since a group of students founded our little newspaper – The Black Voice News – on the campus of the University of California, Riverside, we have witnessed some of the most radical changes and advancements in modern history. There were no cell phones or digital cameras, there was no Internet, there was no Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram…all significant technologies that have radically disrupted our industry. But as we have seen with the creation and dissemination of fake news and blatant propaganda, thoughtful and truthful news and information continues to play a vital role in our society. We believe, as a media company celebrating our 45th anniversary this year, that these new technologies have not made us weaker, they have helped us become stronger.

We are no longer just the Black Voice News.

We are no longer just the IE Voice.

We are no longer just BPC MediaWorks

We are all of these entities, and much more.

Whether it’s partnering with our region’s educational institutions on our annual Underground Railroad study tours, publishing award-winning news articles and columns on significant regional and national issues weekly, producing photography exhibits that tell our story in vivid imagery, or providing leadership in statewide outreach campaigns, “community” remains our core value.

In 2017 our investment in the community is expanding even more, with the release of our first feature film produced through our performing arts & digital media company Hindsight Productions. My Name is Myeisha was filmed in Riverside and San Bernardino counties late last year with a major investment from the University of California, Riverside, taking us back to our founding roots 45 years ago.

With this new strategy of investing in the community through a multitude of resources we believe there is no better time than our 45th anniversary to announce that the parent company for all the entities you have come to know is now VOICE MEDIA VENTURES. We have spent the last 45 years telling stories of the community and this year we will also be taking some time to tell the community a little more of our story — past, present and future. 

We reached hundreds of thousands of people with our print and digital coverage last year. This year, our goal is to surpass 1 MILLION! As we look towards some new, ambitious and creative goals for 2017 —we are here with a request of you — our community.

Completing one (or more) of the following would be a great help to us:

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P.S. — ASK US HOW YOU CAN BECOME A DISTRIBUTOR OF THE VOICE NEWSPAPER! Yes, even as we have invested in our digital and online presence, we have continuously printed every week for 45 years.

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