Patterns, Shapes, and Forms are fundamental tools to help one see and give meaning to Real, Surreal, and Unreal Things. These contribute to understanding and the explaining of Principles (unchanging realities), Events (changing realities), Settings, Situations, and chance occurrences. Such is extremely significant because humans’ most important mental training is to learn how to think Mathematically within the context of Wisdom by modeling Cosmic (God) Intelligence. This is about every Cosmic (Spiritual) Pattern being independent but all interdependent in maintaining Cosmic “Oneness”. Cosmic Intelligence displays as the nature of God’s Substance (a homogeneous mind stuff) in Virtual Icon Image Living Patterns. Human Wisdom is the Right Life Living application of ones Pre-Birth Emotions and Pre-Birth Intellect—i.e. Common Sense—for proper Purposes intended for, interactions among, functioning of, and usage performed with all Cosmic Creatures. To this end, a significant reason to distinguish Cosmic from human-made Patterns is to be in the “Quartet” flow of Truth, Knowledge, Principles, and Wisdom, which only the Cosmos type will do. Patterns are the fully realized form of a Substance/Essence. Shapes are a pattern of energy movement frozen in space by Ether—i.e. the Life Force. That Shape possesses a specific power, peculiar to it, and based upon its specific rhythm given to it by Nature. Shapes display in Rhythms of Dance and MusicIts Poetic Mental Activities are principal translators between dream/imagination and realitybeing to the world of sound what light is to the world of sight. Forms are Essentials of the Pattern’s Essence whose unrealized aspects course will later display as Realities. A Spiritual Pattern has an outer Image, its Character reflecting its God Source nature via its Essence. Its assigned Disposition (set of directions) orchestrates other Essentials.

The Pattern’s inner aspects is a matrix or womb bringing nourishment to the offspring and consisting of Essentials of its Essence. Those off-spring–Endowments (i.e. natural qualities) and Propensities (tendencies, e.g. capacities and abilities)—are composed of Activity networks, fashioned as customized Entities. They Mathematically grow from the in-side out. Each of the Essentials is concerned with the “what it does” and the “how it appears” aspects of the new Form offspring but all work interdependently to make the Whole a harmonious interaction. The Womb’s Traits are a distinctive behavior pattern, the most outstanding of which is its Feature. Traits and Features constitute theCharacteristics. By contrast, human-made Patterns are constructed together step-by-step. Its intelligence, Essences, and Essentials are what humans infer on them. Hence, to study their Shapes tells what they are about and the ‘why’ of their meanings derived from their Source. To put this into perspective, a human-made Pattern is like an Abstract figure of a dog which leaves out the details; an Image shows the entire dog but it lacks vitality of a real dog. Thus, Spiritual Patterns are part of a Mathematically evolving Process of Nature which maintains appropriate Order, Organization, Balance, Harmony inside a homeostatic state. Abstracts and Images of Spiritual Things, despite referring to actual realities, are still removed from them—sort of like the restaurant menu describing the actual reality of the served meal. To illustrate, the Pyramid is the symbol of strength. The Square, of all the shapes composed of straight lines, is the most powerful and the least interesting since there is nothing to attract the attention to one side rather than the other. Yet, normally, the Square is superior to the Trapezium, while the Trapezium is superior to the Trapezoid. The Triangle is of greater interest for the action of the diagonal is joined with the stability of the horizontal. The Rectangle is interesting since if it is standing on its short side, it shares something of the strength of the vertical line.

If it is on its long side it partakes of the peace of the horizontal. The Circle, of all the curved shapes, is the most quiet and restful. The Octagon is the intervening figure (or the intermediary) between the square and the circle. The Ellipse, like the Rectangle, gives a sense of verticality or horizontality as it rests on the short or long side. The Lunette is a crescent-shaped opening or space in a vaulted ceiling, dome, wall, or the projecting part of a rampart. It would seem that it would combine the advantages of both the straight and curved lines and yet it does not. The Point: Acrobatic Thinking manipulates these tools to make novel creations.