Humans’ Natures include the Spiritual, the Physical, Ari (Karma), “Second” Nature (what is absorbed from Socialization), and “Tertiary” (i.e. the “I’ll do it my way” “Self-Made” person). The “Big Picture" is a gist of the “what it is,” the “what it does,” and the “how it appears” of the “Self-Made”–those oriented to fashioning their birth gift of Genius to achieve their Mission in life. “Gist” is the Essentials in the Essence of “Selfhood-Making”—the theme embraced under the term “Scholars” (‘self-schooling”). That theme conveys the idea of doing the superior thinking patterns and styles of African Tradition in order to thrive in living, as opposed to thinking the way oppression forces channel one to live. Although African Tradition thinking contains all necessary Principles for Black People to thrive anywhere, the proper approach of the “Self-Made” is to mold the way those thoughts are cast within the context of ones Talents and environment. The reason is that how one thinks is what determines ones degree of Success—which I define as: to get what one really, really wants and not get what one really, really does not want. Despite my unawareness of a specific evolutionary process, perhaps, Primitive (i.e. first humans) Africans started “Self-Schooling” with Practical Common Sense (e.g. Barter)—which then led to Intellect Scholarship, Formalized Common Sense, Knowledge, Rational Thinking, Critical Thinking, Logic, and African Wisdom. All were probably explained to the people using African Figures-of-Speech—i.e. Supernatural Thinking which features payload Messages conveyed by Metaphors. By sharing the Philosophical Genetic “Sameness” of the Spiritual Elements—i.e. of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural—they Spiritually correspond with each other and with African Traditions’ “Big Picture” of Ma’at’s Patterns for “Right” Life Living. 

Afrocentric Scholarship has as its Base the being of ones Real Self. From its birth gift of Genius buds ones Talent to serve as a bridge to ones Mission in life. By this job having to be done alone means ones “Self-Making” is done as an Isolated Individualist within a “ME/WE” setting. Since “Selfhood Schooling relates to think, feel, say, and do ways of ones own design, there will always be problems associated with developing ones Real Self, Genius, Talent, and Mission; problems with Weak, Envious, Ignorant, and Satanist people who fight all of ones best efforts; problems with mere daily living; and problems from ones flawed individualistic decisions. However, in dealing with each of these, what I live by is four Ancient African Proverbs. First, the Divine Plan is for one to use the difficulties one has in life as a tool to force out the divine powers within ones Selfhood so they can be cultivated. To live by this is so motivating as to override each episode of being beaten down. Second, for the essential nature of the Good to become manifest in every particular, then in every particular it must be confronted with its opposite so as to strive against it and overcome it. This implies eagerly meeting head-on what has to be done, no matter how difficult. Third is the Law of Herukhuti: "Know that God neither punishes nor rewards nor protects–that you will have the comfort of controlling these for yourself". Fourth, if one does Ma’at living (i.e. staying within and evolving out of the Spiritual Elements), one is not rewarded for good acts but receives reward through and by characteristics, qualities, and affinities acquired by having done them. All of my strivings for Perfection are simply for Self-Pride in my work products. Though I share them for all who are interested, I do not depend upon others’ approval for anything about my Mission since my aim is to live the best life as I know it to be.

Fundamental tools are needed to be a successful Isolated Individualist. Spiritual Selfishness is the first Law of Nature and is absolutely necessary for surviving and thriving in life. But this is of the “ME/WE” Highest (Divinity) Self type and is in marked contrast to the Crowd who live out of their Lower (animal) Selves with a “Me, Me, Me” + “Don’t Care” style. Spiritual Courage is demanded in order for one to be powerful enough to be oneself—and to make non-emotional decisions in the best interest of “ME/WE”. Child-like Wonder and Curiosity—particularly about observations in Nature–are paths leading to the seed of any type of knowledge. Every day I am “Awed” by something in Nature as well as by the amazing thinking skills of our Ancient African Ancestors. A Free Mind comes from shedding all Emotional Junk, even if it seems justified to hate or to be enraged. I replace these by being Appreciative of seeing the infinite in the finite and being Silly at every chance.

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