The exterior view of the homes at the Project Legacy campus.
The exterior view of the homes at the Project Legacy campus. Credit: Aryanna Noroozi for BlackVoice News / CatchLight Local


TruEvolution’s groundbreaking Project Legacy has emerged as a beacon of hope for the LGBTQ+ community, standing tall as the only Project Homekey site devoted to serving this vibrant and resilient community, nestled in downtown Riverside. 

Approximately 80% of the remarkable individuals finding shelter within this innovative housing program will identify as LGBTQ+. This embraces a wide spectrum of identities, including those living with HIV, young adults transitioning from the foster care system, and senior citizens.

“I am…in deep gratitude of what TruEvolution has laid at my feet,” said resident Mickey Wilson as she sat next to her beloved brother, Anthony. (source: TruEvolution via Elizabeth del Campo)

Each dwelling within the visionary community campus bears the name of influential LGBTQ+ leaders and icons as an homage to their lasting contributions. Names like Reverend Benita Ramsey, George M. Johnson, Twiggy Pucci Garçon, James Baldwin, and Marsha P. Johnson grace these residences, ensuring their legacies endure.

Beyond Housing, a Haven of Connections

February 3, 2023, marked a notable milestone: Move-in Day for the program’s inaugural residents. Biometric entry system setups hummed with modern innovation, ensuring the safety and security of the earliest placed residents. 

During the auspicious occasion, Elizabeth del Campo, TruEvolution’s communications coordinator, had the privilege of conversing with client, Harmony Moore. Harmony candidly shared her emotions regarding the pivotal day, expressing, “I feel excited. Nervous.” 

Project Legacy resident Harmony Moore (source: TruEvolution via Elizabeth del Campo)

When asked what Harmony liked most about Project Legacy, “Just being able to live my own life the way I want to,” she stated, encapsulating the essence of self-expression and autonomy that the project empowers. 

“What does Project Legacy mean to you?”  asked an earnest del Campo. 

“I think Project Legacy means family. It represents family, bonds, friendships. Yeah,” Harmony affirmed, her proud response indicating that a sense of belonging can make a house into a sanctuary, and neighbors into allies. 

The interior of a bedroom at one of the homes at the Project Legacy campus. (Aryanna Noroozi for BlackVoice News / CatchLight Local)

A Symphony of Gratitude

At the Reverend Benita Ramsey House on the Project Legacy campus, Elizabeth del Campo caught up with 2 additional residents. They introduced themselves: “My name is Mickey Wilson and I am a ‘she.'” “My name is Anthony Wilson and I am ‘he.'” 

Del Campo, with a heart eager to capture stories, sought to unveil the essence of Project Legacy’s profound impact: “Project Legacy was a godsend to me,” Mickey shared, her voice carrying the resonance of a life-changing moment. “My life changed on June 15th when I came down to TruEvolution, met with Pastor Curt and he accepted me in. He was able to bring my brother in.” Anthony’s voice echoed the sentiment, 

 “The unit that was promised for my brother to be with me in California… I am humbled.” These testimonies revealed the power of community, turning adversity into opportunity, and shifting lives in extraordinary ways.

Gabe Maldonado (blue shirt, middle) speaking to the crowd of supporters attending the grand opening of the Project Legacy campus.

Project Legacy’s Impact: Lives Transformed

Project Legacy is more than just physical structures; it’s a testament to unity, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to uplift every voice and individual within the LGBTQ+ community. Stay engaged for updates on TruEvolution’s future directions.

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