Last Wednesday the Family Business Association of California held its second Legislative Day in Sacramento. We spent the day listening to legislators and others talk about current and proposed legislation that can have a negative impact on the business community. Many people are unaware that there are 1.4 million family businesses in California that employ 7 million of the 17 million civilian employees in the state. We also heard from our own Assembly member José Medina who has authored AB 1260 the first piece of legislation in the nation to provide a definition of family business.

The Family Business Association’s mission is to provide an incentive for family businesses to create jobs and invest in California, propose initiatives for needed change, defend against hostile, unfavorable legislation and regulations, take legal action to protect family business, and communicate to members, the public, and public policy makers all aspects and benefits of the family business.

The organization is only two years old and is actively seeking members from California’s diverse regions and communities, especially here in the Inland Empire. If you are part of a family-run enterprise and would like to join the association, contact Robert Rivinius, executive director,

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