Women’s Conference Embraces Strong Women

Women’s Conference Embraces Strong Women

Shiane Daima Jacocks

On May 20, the Just Because Women’s group held their first women’s conference at the Grace Vargas Senior Center. Patricia E. Smith, event leader and organizer, planned the event with other members of the organization. 

Guest speakers included: Lorna Bailey, Jamaican born (from the parish of Clarendon) an ordained minister in the Pentecostal City Mission Church in London; and Charlesetta (Hopkins) Kessee, native of Corpus Christi, Texas, a mother and active member of Bethany Baptist Church in Los Angeles. 

What started as a group of five friends grew into an organization of thirty members from around the world. Both men and women came from London for this innovative, community building event. The conference included lunch, workshops, and other entertainment on the theme “time to focus.” It asked, “Who stole my quiet time?” Keynote speaker Kessee discussed common distractions that prevent individuals from dedicating time to focus on themselves and God. 

The group’s objective states: “We measure our success by the growth and the cohesiveness of the group. We pray and embrace each other with love and harmony…There is nothing more powerful than caring for people to venture to motivate each other and help other people who are in need. ‘Just Because,’ is an opportunity to interact with colleagues and talk about important issues.” 

“You don’t see this often, an all-women’s group. There are a lot of men’s groups, so it’s good to see more of this,” Michael Stewart, a video and photographer crew member, commented. 

The Just Because Women’s group is currently laying the groundwork to see where their project may lead. To build upon their effort, they plan to become a non-profit organization and host another conference. 

Winsome, one of the event leaders, stated she wanted more people to be involved to help make that happen. She later discussed strong women, important women from the bible, and that all women are created equal—the elite, educated and uneducated, housewives and peasants, “No one is ‘better than’ in the sight of our Creator and we are empowered at all levels,” she stated. 

For more information, visit: https://www.jbwtitus2women.org/ or email justbecausewomen@aol.com.

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