by Dr. Joseph A. Bailey II, MD., FACS on 31st-May-2016

Throughout the Ages it was the norm for primitive European males to do warring any and everywhere, all the time—maintain their self-imaged Contingent Being leader Devil, personified as a standard, guide, and model—and brutally deal with, as inferiors, anyone not like them—e.g. Women and Slaves. Naturally, they encountered all of the first civilizations outside Africa who were, of course, Black Africans. Examples were those of Sumer (Mesopotamia), Babylon, Canaan (Palestine), the Harappa Valley (Pakistan), India, and China. However, Imperialism, the subjection of one foreign nation by another, did not occur until the coming of the European Semites to Mesopotamia, starting with Sargon I of Akkad. Until then, the great powers of Kamit, Sumer, Kush, Harappa, Mohenjo, Daro, and Elam lived in relative peace–except for occasional skirmishes and quarrels over trade routes and similar commercial things. But there was never the setting out to plunder, destroy, kill, or subjugate another as has been the history of Europeans from their beginnings to the present. Neither did they go up north to enslave or exploit the militarily weak Caucasians (Amen, Metu Neter I:130). As these warriors invaded and conquered peaceful nomadic societies, each of those societies was infinitely more civilized as, for example, the nation of Canaan–a matrilineal system (Amen, Afrocentric Guide p31). To elaborate, Canaanites came from Ethiopians and Egyptians who migrated out of the Nile Valley to settle Canaan, of which Jerusalem is one of its cities (Bynum, African Unconscious p211). It was from them that the semi-barbaric Greeks adapted the script—their alphabet c800 BC. 

Meanwhile, Aryans and Semites came down from Eurasia into Mesopotamia c2500 BC with a track record of Kill/Take/Destroy/Dominate/Oppress practices. But at this point, oppression attempts were rebelled against by resident women. One reason is they had observed liberated Black women being the spiritual and intellectual equal of men in Sumer, Canaan, India, Ethiopia, Crete, and Kamit (Ancient Egypt). Many were high priestesses, Queen Mothers, and governors. One European male relayed the following account of this clash: “In an earlier part of humanity on earth, " we" lived in a matriarchal society. Then there was a shift and the patriarchal emerged. It was during this period that the devil was invented.  Satan was a male invention.  The "Evil one” was all a part of a male rebellion against the matriarchy, a period during which women ruled over everything from their emotions.   They had all governmental posts, all religious positions of power, all places of influence in commerce, science, academia and healing. Men had no power.  They had to justify their existence for they had very little importance beyond their ability to fertilize female eggs.  What men had to do to gain control during the matriarchal period was not to convince women that men ought to be given more power over their lives, but to convince other men. Life was, after all going smoothly… so it was not easy for men who were powerless, to convince other powerless men to seek power. Until they discovered fear. Fear was the one thing women hadn't counted on.  It began, this fear, with seeds of doubt, sown by the most disgruntled among the males.  These were usually the least "desirable" of the men; the un-muscled, the unadorned, and hence, those to whom women paid the least attention. Their complaints were discounted as the ravings of rage born of sexual frustration.

Still, the disgruntled men had to use the only tool they had. So they sought to grow fear from the seeds of doubt. What if the women were wrong? they asked.  What if their way of running the world wasn't the best. What if it was, in fact, leading the whole society-all of the race-into sure and certain annihilation? This is something many men could not imagine.  After all, didn't women have a direct line to the Goddess? Were they not, in fact, exact physical replicas of the Goddess?  And was not the Goddess good?  The teaching was so powerful, so pervasive, that men had no choice but to invent a devil, a Satan, to counteract the unlimited goodness of the Great  Mother imagined and worshiped by the people of the matriarchy.” The Great Mother he refers to was Africans’ beginning Supreme Being since living things could only be made by females. Called the "Creatress" rather than a "Creator," she was embraced by all the original civilized cultures of Human-kind. [Ref: Bailey, Ancient African Metaphysical Glossary, Volume 5] jabaileymd.com

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