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Why I Still Believe in Santa Claus…Responses

by admin on 22nd-December-2016


There is a Santa Claus. Thanks for reconfirming that in your beautifully written column.

Stan Morrison “116”


He was real just like me and you. He was a great man. Whenever society discovers a great man it finds a way to immortalize him so that he remains a model or inspiration for mankind. We did it with Jesus, Hercules, Samson, King David, Moses, and a long line of American heroes. We will continue to immortalize our heroes, just like the president that never told a lie. We call people saints by finding something in their lives we can call a miracle.

Charles Bibbs

AMEN !!!!

There needs to be some mystery in every child’s life…reality will hit soon enough.

Dell Roberts


I would have given the same emotional advice! 

Bob Tenczar


Can you believe at 45 years old I FINALLY got to take my first Santa photo with a Black Santa? Yep? Had to go to Culver City to do it, but I got my wish. The experience was so awesome as many of the African-Americans at the event I went to thought I was crazy. I had to let them know, “Although I look like I’m from LA…I AM FROM THE IE…and I promise you…I have NEVER SEEN A BLACK SANTA at any of the malls I frequent in that area.” I was so excited too because “my Santa” looked so vintage…handsome and a perfect replica of what a Santa should be…Beautiful, indeed.

LaTasha Porter

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