Who is Really Eating the Red Meat?

Who is Really Eating the Red Meat?
Hardy Brown Sr.

Hardy Brown Sr.

Ever since Barack Obama was sworn in as the President of these United States, many of the new Tea Party political leadership in the Republican Party and spokespersons have stated over and over again, “we must take our country back.” I have written on numerous occasions that this type of rhetoric is poisonous and sounds as though they are still fighting the Civil War.

Many political commentators on television called it feeding their conservative base, which is predominately 99.9 percent White in southern states: “RED MEAT”. There is nothing wrong with RED MEAT but the added ingredient of taking our country back is driving some overboard with the implication of what that statement means; such as the congressman who yelled out during the state of the union address given by President Obama. There have been others who have gone to great lengths by pointing their finger in the president’s face, while others refuse to accept his Hawaiian birth certificate as proof of his citizenship, and others have painted cartoon caricatures of the president as an animal or less than human.

We have seen Tea Party political candidates tell voters at rallies, “elect me so we can take our country back.” They have openly tried to suppress Black voters to the point of not voting or minimizing their vote by requiring certain identification. They have littered courts with lawsuits that send the impression — Black people have no rights that a White citizen has to respect in this country.

Well I am telling them that their RED MEAT is seasoned with anti-Black spices and hate filled language that resonated with Dylann Roof. He was so full of that language that even when he came face to face with Black people, in a place of worship, studying the word of God, he could not abort his mission to kill innocent Blacks.

Roof’s mind and heart had become so poisoned over the past six years with all of the volatile coded language from people in leadership positions and a justice system that appears to justify the killing of unarmed innocent Black people all across America that a person like Roof could justify his mission to kill. He is from a state that still flies the Confederate Flag at the state capitol. I applaud the Governor of South Carolina and other leaders from around the state to now have the willingness to take the flag down and put it where is belongs, in a museum for historical education.

Now I am not blaming it all on these leaders in that political party but they must take their share of the blame and become accountable for putting anti-Black spices in that RED MEAT they have been feeding to their base.

Their mentality is to take their country back from a Black president, a White male dominated Congress and a majority White United States Supreme Court. Wall Street is owned and operated by White males. White males head most of the Fortune 500 corporations. There are no Black governors and White males head most of our local cities. Yet their slogan and battle cry is “we want to take our country back.” Dylann used that same language as he shot those nine Black Christians in Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church’s prayer meeting.

I have been asking the question to any one who will listen for the past six years, who took the country and what did they do with it?

While I mourn the loss of our brothers and sisters of my AME faith in South Carolina, I want us to emerge stronger and focused to do battle in the public arena to elect people who have our best interest in making sound public policy for all of us.

Richard Allen and Absalom Jones were picked up from the altar while praying and tossed out of the church by Whites. They used their faith in God to begin a movement by building the AME Church where every one was welcomed and would never again have to worry about being tossed out. Now we have a new problem of protecting our members while keeping our faith in God.

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