What I’ve Learned: David G. Langley

What I’ve Learned: David G. Langley

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David Langley, a 37 year old husband and father of 3, is an entrepreneur and innovator from Rancho Cucamonga. As the Co-Founder of Walo and Nipz he possesses the unique ability to build technology in conjunction with critical business decision making.

MY DAD. #1 he’s a man. I’m a man. And as far back as I can remember I always like doing projects with him. He always involved us. I always liked working with him and being my dad’s boy.

SO WE REBUILT A CAR ENGINE WHEN I WAS LIKE 14. LeBaron, Chrysler, LeBaron. It was a talking car. He wasn’t afraid to take on a project. I have that quality in myself because of him. He is loyal and faithful and I admire those things about him.

CAL STATE SAN BERNARDINO BABY. I stayed there for a year. Then I went to cal baptist. I stayed there for a year. And the master’s college, I stayed at for two years. In my mind if I’m going to go to school, and it’s focused on one thing, I wanted to learn from the best. Actually I wanted to go to UCLA on a basketball scholarship when I was 14, but my dad said that probably wasn’t going to happen. I am still am bitter at my dad for not encouraging that desire and hope.

MY PASTOR, DAN CARROLL, because I admire somebody that labored for years without seeing the proceeds and now can look back and say I’m glad I did that. Somebody that can toil at something that most people would say is foolish and look back on years later and say, from wisdom’s perspective, that that’s a good thing.

I HOPE I’M DOING THAT WITH MY KIDS. You invest in them. You teach them. You hope. Its a matter of priority. You don’t know. You just hope. You pray for your kids at night and you hope that by investing and praying for them every single day that that’s going to mean that down the road that they are making life decisions that you can be proud of. But you don’t get to see that for 30 years.



UM. LOVED HER? I don’t think there was ever a point where I came to that realization. For a long time, I was concerned I was making a mistake because of my past. And my previous engagement. You are constantly analyzing things. You are constantly evaluating yourself. At the alter, I wasn’t second guessing at all, I was whole heartedly convinced it was her, but I don’t know that you realize what you are really doing. I was in love with her. That’s why I proposed to her. I was fanatic about her. I just wanted to spend my life with her. But then…you don’t know what you’re doing. You don’t know what your committing to. It’s just you want to be with her. You both want the same things you just kinda go to the next step.


CEO OF A FORTUNE 500 COMPANY. I didn’t really have I wanna be a… garbage man, I wanna be a fireman, I wanna be a policeman, I didn’t have that. But later in my teenage years I really felt like if it wasn’t going to play basketball at UCLA, then it was going to be something in business.

BOB TEBOW. TIM TEBOW’S FATHER. He had a big impression on our family. There is one time I remember playing basketball with him, dad, and Jonathan in the backyard. He kept blocking my shots. I was like 15 years old. I’m like a pip-squeak. And he kept on blocking my shots. I was super pissed about it. Like super super pissed.

WE LOST AND I REMEMBER THROWING A FIT. I apologized to him. I was probably on the verge of tears and he pulled me close and taught me a lesson about attitude that night. It was very impressionable at that age.




EVERYONE CALLED ME PK. So much so, that when I left the house, I never told anybody that I was [from a] pastor’s family. Massive stereotypes and I hated them.

IT’S JUST VERY PRACTICAL. Having had 2 kids already, I knew what was in store when she got pregnant. In that, I’m basically hands off her boobs for a year and a half. Then decided that I should write a patent for it. Nipz — The Braless alternative for nursing moms.

THAT’S A HORRIBLE QUESTION. Because I don’t believe in billboards. No — You can’t put christianity on a billboard.

THOSE THAT KNOW ME AS A PASTOR’S KID — THINK THEY KNOW ME. THOSE THAT KNOW ME AS A HOMESCHOOLER — THINK THEY KNOW ME. EVEN IN BUSINESS — CERTAINLY PEOPLE THINK THEY KNOW ME. In any arena in life you are pigeon holed into certain things. People see one slice and they pigeon hole you. And I, probably more than most other people, HATE being pigeon holed. In telecom, people think that I should love telecom because I’m good at it. And I hate telecom. And people can’t understand why. They misunderstand me. They are just like “you are so good at this, you should love and appreciate what you do.” Well. No. I want nothing to do with it. Don’t pigeon hole me.

IF I WAS 25, I WOULD HAVE SAID “ LEARN DISCIPLINE, LEARN WHAT YOU’RE DOING WITH YOUR LIFE AND DON’T WASTE THE HOURS THAT YOU HAVE.” I was doing a lot of wallowing in self pity at 25. And I would just shake myself and say do more with life. See what’s in front of you and take advantage of it.

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