What Does An Election Tell Or Mean To Voters

What Does An Election Tell Or Mean To Voters
Hardy Brown Sr.

Hardy Brown Sr.

Last Tuesday was Election Day across the nation and throughout the state. We saw some surprises from winners and losers while some voters voted against their own interest and pocketbook.

At the federal level the Democrats lost the senate and now the Republican Party is in control of the legislature while the Democrats are in control of the executive branch.

In the state of California, I saw some interesting things occur: for example the Democrats won the statewide constitutional offices but none of them won the popular vote in San Bernardino County, which now has more registered Democrats than Republicans.

The Democrats lost some seats that they were expected to win or should have won as they were out maneuvered and out gunned by a new, smarter Republican Party leadership.

Locally we saw the voters selecting a more diverse group in representing their interests with quality people, in my opinion, in congress, senate, assembly, city halls, school boards, community college trustees and water boards.

i-votedFor example: Democrat Pete Aguilar will now represent the people in the 31st Congressional District, which was represented by a Republican. Norma Torres will join him as a representative of the 35th Congressional District.

Democrat Connie Leyva, will represent the Inland Empire in Sacramento in the 20th Senate District while Cheryl Brown will represent the 47th Assembly District and Jose Medina the 61st Assembly District along with newly elected Republican Marc Steinorth in the 40th Assembly District.

In Colton the voters rejected my long time friend Frank Gonzales who as been a pillar in that community all of his life, but the newly elected Richard Delarosa for Mayor will provide positive leadership with a new vision.

Fontana returned their leadership to city hall by re-electing Acquanetta Warren as mayor and John Roberts and Michael Tahan to the council. However the voters elected some new faces, Matt Slowik, Mary Sandoval and Jesse Armendarez to the school board and denied the two incumbents from returning to the board.

In Rialto the voters elected Edgar Montes and Dina Walker to the school board in hopes of providing positive leadership to their district. They returned Joe Baca Jr. to the city council along with Ed Scott.

In the county the voters said no to Congresswoman Gloria Negrete McLeod by electing Curt Hagman to the 4th District of our County Board of Supervisors. They elected Hardy Brown, II to represent them in Area D and Sherman Garnett Area B to the County School Board of Education. Joseph Williams retained his seat on the Community College Board while Corey Jackson was newly elected to the Moreno Valley City Council in Riverside County. And two political newcomers Tonya Burke and David Starr Rabb unseated two incumbent city councilmembers in the city of Perris.

The voters rejected Measure Q in the city of San Bernardino where the Firefighters and Police Officers Associations out spent the Yes group by $10 to one. This is a clear example of the people not voting in their best interest but that is what happens in elections. Now those we have elected to sit on the council will have to decide on what services to cut or contract out fire services. Only four firefighters live in the city while the citizens pay them over $17 million a year in salaries and benefits to live in other cities. However the voters have spoken so we must live with it for now.

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