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Westech College—Closed Without Notice

by admin on 7th-April-2017

Riverside, CA

Students at three inland campuses of Westech College were caught off-guard late last week when three local campuses were closed without notice. 

The school had three campuses in the inland region—Fontana, Moreno Valley and Riverside; and offered programs in drafting and design, heating and air-conditioning, fitness training as well as a program for veterinary assistants. 

Westech joins a growing list of for-profit colleges and institutions that have gone out of business in recent years and left students holding thousands of dollars in student debt and unfulfilled educational promises while also scrambling to see what, if anything can be salvaged from their failed educational investment., i.e., forgiveness of debt, transfer of credits, etc. 

Lawsuits and investigations into many of these private institutions were launched at the state and federal levels last year and the Obama Administration was working to reshape the industry. Those efforts included new regulations that would tie student debt to job prospects; and as importantly—finding ways to make it easier for students allegedly defrauded by schools like Westech to have their loans forgiven. Now, with the Trump Administration working aggressively to claw-back all regulations, only time will tell whether students like those who attended schools like Westech and others will ever be protected from similar scenarios.

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