WAG Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

WAG Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Hardy L. Brown. Photo by Benoit Malphettes

Hardy L. Brown. Photo by Benoit Malphettes

Westside Action Group (WAG) took time Monday to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to show their support for Assembly Member Cheryl Brown and School Board Member Abigail Medina, a candidate for the Assembly. WAG has a history of over forty years of community activism that began in 1972. 

The organization is continuing to provide citizens a place to share community issues, a forum for political candidates, and network for business leaders, and provide financial support to causes they believe will move the community forward. In keeping true to its original mission the membership is made up of other groups like NAACP members, church leaders, business owners, newspaper owners, government employees, and elected officials. 

As Bob Parker, WAG’s first president, said in the first news article announcing the organization to the community on June 8, 1972, the group was formed out of necessity. “The community has suffered because elected officials quickly forget campaign promises made to individuals and WAG will serve as a forum for candidates as well as elected officials.” 



(Top image – Seated: Linda Jackson, San Bernardino School Board Member Abigail Medina, Dr. Jean Peacock, Assembly Member Cheryl Brown, Hardy Brown, a founding member of WAG, San Bernardino School Board Member Dr. Margaret Hill, Mary Ming- Mosley guest speaker, Mrs. DeKala Williams, President Alton Garrett, Carolyn Tillman Back row: Publisher, Wallace Allen, Terrance Stone, Vincent Fossette, Alicia Cazenave, Samuel Gibbs, Paul Scott, Craig Thomas, Stan Futch, Rikke Van Johnson, Rialto School Board Member Dina Walker, Paul Scott, Joe Mayes, April Clay, Donald Griggs, Andre Bossieux, Jonathan Buffong, Ashley Jones, Ashanti Williams, San Bernardino Community College Trustee Joseph Williams, President of San Bernardino NAACP. A. Majadi. Bottom image – Alton Garrett, Donald Griggs, Stan Futch, Joe Mayes presents checks of $1,300 each to Abigail Medina and Cheryl Brown)

Last Monday they kept the mission alive by allowing Assembly Member Cheryl Brown of the 47th District and candidate Abigail Medina of the 40th District to speak to the group and then give each of them a check for their individual campaigns. This is also another example of WAG’S tradition of inclusion of supporting people from all races and both genders. In the past they endorsed Mayor Bob Holcomb, Senator Ruben Ayala, and Congressman George Brown. 

In addition there was a program on African- American women and cancer. The speaker Mary Ming-Mosley is a retired elementary school teacher from Chino Valley Unified School District and is a spokesperson for the International Melanoma Cancer Foundation.

WAG remains an important organization in our community and I am proud to be a founding member.

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