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Voting Today

by admin on 3rd-June-2014

138California goes to the polls today, and the Inland Empire has many important decisions to consider on the ballot.

In San Bernardino, there is the race for the 31st Congressional seat vacated by the retiring Rep. Gary Miller. Two Republicans and four Democrats are competing to win the two top slots for the general election in November. The District Attorney’s race in Riverside County has been the most contentious and possibly confusing. Hopefully voters will overlook the political games that have played out over the past few weeks and vote for the most experienced candidate.

But the race I’m most interested in is the possible recall of Moreno Valley’s Mayor Tom Owings. Voters of that city have an opportunity to send a clear message that their city is not for sale and they can begin the process of cleaning up the corruption that has overtaken city hall. Since David Letterman announced that he’s retiring after 22 years on the Late Show, I thought I’d pay homage to my favorite late night show host’s iconic TOP 10 list.

So here are the Top 5 things that could happen if the concerned citizens of Moreno Valley fail to vote in today’s election:

#5 The city’s motto is changed from “Where Dreams Soar” to “Where Warehouses Reign”

#4 The Riverside County Grand Jury is relocated to Day Street “for convenience”

#3 Mo Val’s self-proclaimed #1 Mayor will remain just that…

#2 New city council meeting rule: No public comments

And the #1 thing that could happen if concerned citizens don’t participate in today’s election…

Moreno Valley’s City Hall is renamed Iddo Benzeevi Plaza and moved to Rancho Belago

Remember the polls close at 8:00 pm.

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