“Alkebu-Lan” or Egyptian “Afru-ika” (Mother Land)–c50,509 BC: “Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates and moves in circles” (The Kybalion p137). When in the fourth grade, my teacher told us students that everything has a vibrating rhythm, even the desk we were sitting in. That stunned me and, since I could not see any desk actions, I felt it all over without detecting any movements. Such is an example of how things can be present beyond ones ability to detect them. The word "Vibration," the basic element of "The Natural," means 'to move quickly to and fro'; 'to shake or brandish.' It involves the idea of a motion, not always in the same direction, but in which the moving Thing goes back and forth. Very Ancient Africans’ Vibration rhythm and pattern recognition led them to an awareness of cycles in Nature, to the earliest forms of codified Mathematics, and to the perception of distant rhythms in the solar abyss—from which they derived the “Music of the Spheres”. Ancient Africans linked these to their accurate calendar (4236 BC), to the rhythms of the stars and Nile River, to the rhythms within a human’s body,  and to stimulations of Kundalini via neuro-melanin nerve currents, then moving through the body like a living energy current (Bynum, African Unconscious p141-4; Diop, African Origin). Tehuti, the African master of all the world’s masters, said varying rates and modes of vibration account for the “differences” between various manifestations of Cosmic Powers/Displays. Even THE ALL, in itself, manifests a constant vibration of such an infinite degree of intensity and rapid motion as to seem to be at rest, like one sees in a highly revolving wheel.

Tehuti’s Principle (4) of Polarity says: “Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree…” This is the basis for the profound Principle (2) of Correspondence—“Uniqueness in Sameness” (my summary). The Vibration Principle(3) was from what African Sages fashioned original concepts of “The Way”–the Divine Logos—i.e. “The Word”–written in the Egyptian “Book of Coming Forth by Day,” the oldest written text in the world (60,000 BC, Seleem, p 59, xiii). Europeans mislabeled it “The Book of the Dead”; St. John plagiarized “The Word” and put it into The Gospel of the European Bible. Tehuti continued by saying that the God Spirit is at one end of the Pole of Vibration—and at the other end are extremely gross forms of Matter—while in-between are millions upon millions of different rates and modes of vibrations–e.g. Matter, Energy, the phenomena of Mind and of the Soul. A “Soul Trademark” is my symbolic term for what is “stamped” on the “Virtual” Soul of a given human while inside and joined to the Cosmic Organism prior to Earth birth. A human’s “Trademark” (standing for the Spark of God’s Essence) has the highest of a Cosmic vibratory rate–i.e. the Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural. A Soul Trademark’s Interchange is like a Radar Beacon looking for “Soul Mates.” Its transmitter part send out extremely high vibrating wave pulses (a short bundle of waves) capable of penetrating through even dark “Clouds” over another human’s “Soul Sunshine”. After depositing a payload impact, its rays simultaneously move out in all directions. 

The transmitter rhythmically radiates energy into space as electromagnetic waves, alternating between off and on. This is similar to vibrations set up when energy is applied to a violin string—and using stringed instruments was how Very Ancient African Sages learned about Harmony. When “off,” its receiver is “on” for the purpose of picking up any returning waves caused by the transmitter’s payload impactA Correspondence match then stimulates the Thing with a like-kind vibratory rate to harmonize with its ever-waiting Complementary Equal “Soul Mates.” The resultant Tone and Spirits meshing into Unity are like what the baby has for its mother before acquiring the ability to discern who she is–the magical power of an Unconditional Love experience. By having the Spiritual Elements "stamped" onto every human's Soul before birth, each and all of their full or partial manifestations can be known to humans by being "Felt"–even if one has never experienced them, seen them, or heard of them before. So, even if one hears anything about any part of any of the Spiritual Elements for the first time, one can recognize it by its high vibration rate. This accounts for many Black People being exposed to Ancient African Bible teachings for the first time and having the reaction: “I know that’s right!” jabaileymd.com

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