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Veterans Will Be Honored with High School Diplomas

by admin on 14th-July-2017

Riverside, CA

Shiane Daima Jacocks

In 2016, veterans from World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, who made a choice to fight and serve our country over graduation caps and gowns, finally sought out high school degrees through the Operation Recognition Program. 

On November 13, 2017, these veterans from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard will be honored with high school diplomas. 

More than 300 veterans have earned diplomas through Operation Recognition since 2007. They are awarded as a joint effort of the Riverside County Board of Education, the Riverside County Office of Education, and the Riverside County Department of Veterans’ Services. 

This year’s Operation Recognition ceremony will be held at 2:00pm on Monday, November 13 at the Moreno Valley Conference and Recreation Center, 14075 Frederick Street, Moreno Valley. To be recognized at the ceremony, completed application forms and supporting documentation must be received by 5:00pm, on Wednesday, October 4, 2017. As previously, this year’s program is open to current Riverside residents whose education was disrupted by military service in World War II, the Korean War, or the Vietnam War. Degrees can also be conferred posthumously. 

Education Code Section 51440 authorizes granting retroactive high school diplomas to eligible veterans. Section 51430 also authorizes retroactive diplomas to Japanese-American citizens whose internment by federal order in World War II prevented them from graduating from high school. 

For application information visit www.rcoe.us/operationrecognition. Applications can also be requested by telephone. Interested persons may contact Tracey Case at (951) 826-6570 or email her at tcase@rcoe.us.

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