Very Ancient African Sages were those: (1) who, through the disciplines of Yoga and the basic tenets of Mystical religions (e.g. Reincarnation, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Premonition)—together called “Mysticism-Yoga” and out of which all religions arose–knew humans existed on different planes of existence and could access these to attain higher Consciousness; (2) by means of Quantum Physics, were certain about the Absolute essence which always sustains Creation and its existence, including human Consciousness; (3) created philosophies enabling the explaining of the origins of Creation; (4) classified the Neteur (gods and goddesses)—i.e. Cosmic Forces and Principles whose forms denote the special qualities of those forces–so as to explain the manifestations of the Divine in Nature as well as in human psychology; (5) fashioned disciplines for leading students to discover Spiritual Truths for themselves and thereby realize the higher reality lying beyond the Material World; and (6) living Oracles (communicators with Spiritual agencies) whose Wisdom came through Reflection (trying to become one with the Divine) and experiences concerning Esoteric (discerning the subtle in the obvious) purposes of the Cosmic Spiritual Force (Amen, Metu Neter I:209). A most important Oracle achievement was the ability to intuit which divine intelligences—Deities—were responsible for the various events in the world. From that, they inferred those Spirit’s energies only attained their essence equilibrium and serenity through elevation back into the Subjective Realm to their original primordial level of Being. For humans, that meant the unification of their undertakings with the Divine Plan–a true Happiness state–the kernel of Wisdom’s true meaning. In Egyptian Mystery Schools, African Sages taught Asar’s (Osiris) esoteric doctrines on how to “Know Thyself”. Its essence was to achieve a concept of Wholism on the way to reaching a state of Mysticism.

But students’ starting point was to transcend their minds and senses so as to discover their Real Selves’ infinite and eternal Divine Consciousness. Then, a mysticism type event would occur whereby one is able to transcend barriers on the way to absorbing the essence of the Cosmic Spirit–an essence inexpressible–an essence called Intuition (an immediate understanding of the truth without calling upon reason or feelings). Sages’ teachings were mainly through the metaphorical Affect Symbolic Imagery of Myths. These provided a Cause and a vehicle for the Spiritual (Moral) messages to transcend the story itself and thereby impart Spiritual Truths beyond a student’s rationality or experiences (Ashby, African Origins p43, 297). Yet, a Myth is like a head of lettuce, with each layer successively removed to enable one to get closer to the profound Essence layers of the mystery of life. In the form of Sages’ “storytelling,” its Exoteric (i.e. basic understanding of a given thing’s mundane outer or superficial meaning) part were mask-like symbols. These masks were created to fashion a “handle” for students to grab to start understanding corresponding paths that led to revelations of the Hidden, or links concealed from ordinary observation or Reflection inferences. Example: Sages originally said the Cosmos was orchestrated by a Spiritual Force. However, so African people had a “handle” to hold on to, this Cosmic Spiritual Force was given names like Amun, Ra, Ptah, Asar, Aset, and Amen.

Such “handles” enhanced African People’s ability to reach a ‘Super-reality,’ an invisible reality, or a different reality concerning concepts about the Amenta (the hidden realm of the God Amen). By so doing, their minds were set free from the boundaries of their minds as well as from the boundaries of the story. Also through Myths, many ideas not easily explained in rational, logical terms—as in those of the human condition and the mysteries of the human heart–could be freely explored and elucidated in colorful Affect Symbolic Imagery ways. The purposes of both mind adventures were to point to where the answers to the most significant questions of each student could be found (e.g. “Who am I?”; “What is my Purpose in life?”). Such insights enabled envisioning Spiritual Elements’ work products and the resultant dream-like qualities being applied to all creative and productive Imaginative forces to thus provide Enlightenment. Then, as “Aliveness” (self-improvement eagerness) increased, students’ minds were gradually strengthened by learning more in-depth Spiritual Knowledge and putting its Principles, represented by the Sages’ Images and Symbols, into practice.

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