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Unflattering Spotlight on Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon

by admin on 18th-November-2017

Sacramento – California Senate President Pro Tem and U.S. Senate candidate Kevin De Leon is caught up in allegations of sexual harassment charges waged against a fellow legislator by a young female employee. 

The accusation has shadowed De Leon’s bid to succeed Senator Feinstein in the U.S Senate. In his role as Senate President Pro Tem, De Leon heads the committee in charge of human resource employees who handle workplace complaints, and he shared housing in Sacramento with Democratic Senator Tony Mendoza, the legislator accused of sexual harassment. 

Allegedly, at least three staff employees received letters of termination after they reported details of purported inappropriate behavior by Senator Tony Mendoza toward a female intern. The allegations included reports that Mendoza repeatedly invited the 23-year-old intern to his Sacramento apartment at night—the apartment he shares with De Leon. As a result, many are now asking what De Leon knew, and when. 

Mendoza’s alleged behavior was reported by the three terminated aides several times in September before they voiced them openly during a meeting on September 23 and were purportedly summarily fired as a result. 

Senate Secretary Daniel Alvarez, however, told the Mercury News there was no connection between the sexual harassment allegations against Mendoza and the employees’ terminations. He claimed the terminations occurred before the harassment complaint was levied against Mendoza. 

In a statement issued by De Leon’s office, Alvarez stated, “Senate rules take any allegation of inappropriate workplace behavior extremely seriously,” adding this scenario was no different. “These allegations are being rigorously reviewed and investigated consistent with our legal process, employment standards, and privacy protections.” 

The Voice will continue to follow this story.

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