Trump and the KKK

Trump and the KKK
Hardy L. Brown. Photo by Benoit Malphettes

Hardy L. Brown. Photo by Benoit Malphettes

Donald Trump has been spewing divisive hateful insults at every ethnic group, women and non-American citizens, and the disabled community ever since he announced he would run for president of these United States of America. I knew it would catch up with him because it always brings out the worst in some people.

In America when the KKK started it was viewed by many as a religious group protecting the rights of Whites by denying the civil rights of Black and Jewish Americans. Its membership was made up of the local business leaders, clergy and law enforcement officers. The community at large, who did not believe in that kind of treatment of Black people, did very little at first to stymie their vicious words. It slowly grew from words to kicking Blacks off of their farms, not granting them access to the essentials of providing for their families, denying them education or the right to vote and eventually hanging their bodies out for their children and public to see.

Some have even said Hitler started out that same way and went unchecked over a period of time that led to the extermination of over 6 million Jews.

Trump has been rolling along without much opposition coming from any one other than the people who were the target of his words. Then the KKK started to come out openly in their support of Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric, encouraging people to vote for Trump.

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I read this article from the Jewish Journal and want to share part of it with you.

Greenblatt: Trump helped racism raise its head
by Jacob Kornbluh, Jewish Insider
Posted on Mar. 7, 2016 at 11:53 am

Donald Trump’s rhetoric on the campaign trail and his failure to outright condemn white supremacists and the KKK has mainstreamed their racist views into the political conversation, ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt suggested on Sunday. 

“We are already seeing racism raise its head, right now, through social media and other means. We have also seen white supremacists express some degree of delight and satisfaction that their recruiting is up during this campaign,” Greenblatt told Israel’s Channel 1 on Sunday. 

“The fact of the matter is, his failure to reject and repudiate their racism, their anti-Semitism, and their hate, with the same clear terms that he has used in the presidential debates, that he has used in his rallies, or that he has used about the other candidates, that lack of symmetry in the way he talks about white supremacists and racists, has helped to mainstream them into this political conversation,” he explained. “And that’s what we find so problematic.” 

Asked if he’s worried about a Trump presidency, Greenblatt said, “I have no idea what a Trump presidency would bring. But I certainly don’t like what a Trump candidacy is bringing out in terms of these white supremacists.” 

It was not to many years ago that while on a family vacation in North Carolina driving down highway 70 that we came across this large billboard that said everything about that community: This is Ku Klux Klan Country.

This is what Donald is saying to all of those people who are saying “we want to take our country back” from immigrants from south of the border, Muslims from anywhere, people who are gay and lesbians, people who are disabled, women who want equality, and most of all from all African-Americans with President Barack Obama and his family living in the White House.

I am overjoyed to see the established members of the National Republican Party speak out against Trump because they know we have come too far to turn back the hands of progress in this country where we say everyone should be able to pursue life to their fullest potential and live in freedom without fear because of their skin color or religious belief or lifestyle.

Mr. Trump, this is not KKK Country anymore.

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