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Time for Change in the Rialto Public Schools

by admin on 3rd-April-2014

Hardy L. Brown

Hardy L. Brown

The citizens of Rialto deserve better than what they have been receiving from the Rialto public education system for the past two decades. The students and taxpayers have been up against racial division on the board of trustees, racial division in the community, inept selection of superintendents, divide and conquer tactics in employee group negotiations, hiring of non-credentialed teaching staff, some parental intimidation of staff, employees stealing funds, misconduct by staff members and a divided city political government which has added to the decline in student achievement and a good image for the city.

Last Sunday’s edition of The Sun Newspaper, did a great job of reporting a chronological timeline of some of the problems facing Rialto’s schools. I consider it a must read for the citizens of Rialto who will have an opportunity to vote and select new leadership on the Board of Education.

After reading it, and with your own personal knowledge of what has been going on in the city, you will say, “IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE.” It must be in a direction that is more INCLUSIVE of ALL citizens and students. It must be in the environment where we are our brother’s keepers and all decisions are to the betterment of all students not just a special group. If a group needs special help then show compassion by helping them reach their full potential as well. How can a board member say they were successful if a group of students remain at the bottom and receive no help under their service on the board?

Voters should get involved before election day and talk with all candidates long before then. Some parents are already engaging themselves in the political process by trying to recall two members of the board. Now while I do not have the full story on why they are calling for this recall, under the current climate I can understand their frustration.

change_schoolsWhen you have a revolving door for superintendents, people stealing money, allegations of inappropriate teacher-student relations, board member misconduct and teachers teaching without credentials, it is enough to want to recall any one serving.

Two school board members were recalled in Fontana and members of San Bernardino City Council were recalled recently including the city attorney.

In my opinion the citizens are getting fed up with ineffective leaders who have their own personal agenda instead of serving the will of the people.

I say get involved and ask all candidates what they have done for education. It is not just enough to have them tell you they have a child in the system. While that is good it’s only indicative of every parent living in Rialto but the question remains, what have they done on behalf of others?

Their answer will be a good indicator of what they will do on behalf of all 26,000+ students in Rialto.

Their knowledge of some important educational issues will be another indicator as well as working with others through other organizations.

It will be up to the voters to make their voices heard through the ballot box and vote for a change.

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