There’s A Lesson to Learn This Holiday Season

There’s A Lesson to Learn This Holiday Season
Hardy Brown Sr.

Hardy Brown Sr.

Joy to the world, the Lord has come! Let earth receive her King; Let every heart prepare Him room, and heaven and nature sing.

Joy to the world, the Savior reigns! Let men their songs employ; while fields and floods, rock, hills and plains, repeat the sounding joy.

No more let sins and sorrows grow, nor thorns infest the ground; He comes to make his blessing flow as far as the curse in found.

He rules the world with truth and grace, and makes the nations prove, the glories of His righteousness, and wonders of His love and wonders of His love.

We Christians sing this song every year in a nation that is proud of our faith and we try hard to live up to these words daily. While we fall short sometimes, there are some things we do right every once and a while.

Take the recent historic actions by President Barack Obama to begin normal relations with our neighboring nation Cuba. It has been over 50 years since we broke ties with them while at the same time granting any Cuban citizen asylum if they were able to reach our shores.

holiday-seasonThis is what we do as a nation founded on Christian principles and values for any human seeking freedom regardless of what their religious faith. This action by President Obama embodies the line in Joy To The World to me: “He rules the world with truth and grace and make the nations prove the glories of His righteousness and wonders of His love”.

If we believe in Jesus Christ then we must forgive the nation that we have been in disagreement with and begin anew, especially after fifty years.

I like the way President Obama went about making it happen by getting the Pope and Canada involved without our media knowing anything about it until it was announced. His critics could only criticize after the fact and not before. There is a lesson to be learned from this by those who want to get things done that are right for the country. Some things need to be done in the open such as the recent publication by the Senate Intelligence Committee of the CIA’s torture of terrorism suspects which goes against our Christian values.

We must also find it in our hearts to receive Him, even in the midst of so much injustice to us as people of color especially from our law enforcement community. They also must find it in their hearts to admit their faults and make great changes in the way they carry out their duties. They must be prepared to root out those among them that do not honor the badge and motto “To Protect and Serve.” I also know that we as a community must meet them half way in order to find joy.

We must find ways to bring joy to our communities after Christmas. It is heart warming to see law enforcement officers and other community people working together during the holidays by contributing gifts to the needy. It took two men President Obama and President Castro with the help of others to make peace happen between the United States and Cuba.

Let us take this time to rededicate ourselves to bring more Joy to the World, nations, and communities.

Have a Merry Christmas.

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