The Power of Gratitude and Honesty

The Power of Gratitude and Honesty


It’s okay to feel scared and understandable to feel anxious and even angry. These are tough times for Americans and people in every corner of the world. The latest attacks in France, the outrageous and needless attacks against and caused by U.S. law enforcement, the continuing bloodshed in the Middle East, and the palpable acrimony among our national leaders, has shaken us to the core. Even the hardiest of us are feeling the bloodshed, tribulation, negativity and unpredictability of the time. 

Discover the power of honesty, vulnerability and gratitude. Recently a patient said to me, “These are tough times for Black Americans, but I feel energized by a new kind of power.” He said, “That power comes with surrendering to honesty and gratitude for the good and the bad. What we’re really feeling will always set us free.’ 

Gratitude is a potent tool for snapping yourself out of fear, anger and self-pity. In almost any situation, you can find something—even if it’s the tiniest thing—to be grateful for.

In addition to focusing on the good things that you have, you can also feel grateful for the bad by thinking about what you’re getting from the experience and how you can make things better for you and others. 

However, you choose to deal with the day to day barrage of negative stimuli, perhaps you can identify some good things it is currently bringing you. 

The sooner we become honest with ourselves, the sooner we can be honest with others. You don’t need a lethal weapon to experience the power of gratitude and honesty. Write it. Speak it. Feel it. Release it. 

Then you will know where to go, when to go. What you are to do next will emerge, naturally, quietly, and clearly. 

In the moment, it’s empowering to realize that you can handle a challenge. How can you turn an ordeal into a positive, or at least how can you learn a lesson from a situation you didn’t create or can’t control. Prioritize taking care of your health—physical, mental, and spiritual—above all else. 

Drive across the bridge, you don’t have to understand it all right now. Information and understanding will come later. You’ll get to the other side. For now, turn off the television. Experience the good and the bad times. Practice honesty and gratitude for the good and the bad.. Know that this time of unprecedented change and uncertainty is sacred, too.

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