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The future of BOTS

by admin on 14th-June-2016

Washington, D.C.

You know them by commercial names like Siri, Echo and others. BOTS are a category of software tools long used to automate repetitive computing tasks but are now increasingly used to communicate directly with users. These artificial intelligence programs have the ability to mimic human speech to answer questions, order products and complete a variety of other tasks. Now, the federal government is exploring the possibility of using BOTS to deliver services to Americans more efficiently. Although BOTS are currently limited in the range of tasks they can perform, their functionality is expected to increase as they learn more from interactions. One possible government application for BOTS might be in relation to income tax filing—BOTS could make the tax filing process easier by customizing questions to each individual. Adding an artificially intelligent BOT to tax preparation software and federal e-filing could further enhance the tax filing process.

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