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Ten Commandments Movie Relic Unearthed

by admin on 7th-December-2017

San Francisco—The publication Live Science reported that a terracotta colored sphinx was recently unearthed in Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes just south of San Francisco. The relic was featured in the 1923 Hollywood production of the blockbuster film, “The Ten Commandments.” 

The Sphinx was one of 21 created for the Exodus scene in the film by highly celebrated French artist and father of the art deco movement, Paul Iribe, at the behest of the film’s director, Cecil B. DeMille. 

According to reports, when filming of the movie completed, DeMille realized two important points—first, the set was too expensive to move, and secondly, it was too valuable to leave behind for rival filmmakers to steal. So, DeMille decided to bury the entire Exodus set in the sand in Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes where the scene was filmed.

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