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Suspect Charged with Elder Abuse

by admin on 30th-March-2018

Arturo Lozano

San Bernardino – An unlicensed contractor, Arturo Lozano, who targeted senior citizens was arrested and charged with multiple counts. 

Lozano, a resident of Redlands, purportedly targeted senior citizens to hire him to conduct home improvements and then failed to complete the work. He was arrested last Thursday by San Bernardino County District Attorney investigators for several violations. 

He was charged with eight felony counts of Burglary, two felony counts of Theft from Elder or Dependent Adult, one misdemeanor count of Contracting without a License After Two Prior Convictions, two misdemeanor counts of Charging a Down Payment exceeding $1,000 or ten percent of a Home Improvement Contract and one felony count of Diverting Construction Funds exceeding $2,350. 

The investigator assigned to the case, District Attorney Senior Investigator Steve Rivera noted how the investigation revealed Lozano specifically targeted senior citizens who he had convinced to hire him to conduct home improvements. 

Many of the victims resided in a mobile home park in the City of Highland. The defendant received a large sum of money from one of them for work he was hired to do and never completed. 

“It is alleged that in some cases, he did not even start the work he was paid to do, nor was any of the money returned,” Rivera shared. 

San Bernardino investigators believe there may be additional victims who have yet to come forward and report any losses they suffered as a result of Lozano’s deception. If you or someone you know fell victim to this suspect any time after September 2016, you are encouraged to come forward and report any losses to Senior Investigator Steve Rivera at (909) 382-7751.

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