Surveillance Disclosure

Surveillance Disclosure


Last year, The Voice reported on some of the types of surveillance equipment used by sheriffs in the inland region that were not broadly understood by the public. What occurred in the inland region was not an aberration, as similar reports were made around the state and across the country. At least one state representative, Senator Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo), has introduced legislation to require police agencies around the state to disclose all of their surveillance equipment. The law would also require the agencies to enact policies for their use of such technology. In addition, every two years officers would be required to report whether they used such equipment and, if so, how the technology was used. 

Although existing laws already require such reporting, a number of agencies around the state have failed to comply. Last year, Hill sought to strengthen existing legislation, which also included the latest technology used by law enforcement agencies. The bill however died in committee due to budget concerns. Hill has now renewed his effort out of an abundance of concern over how such tools may be used against immigrant and Muslim communities in the age of Trump.

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