All humans, as part of the Animal Kingdom, are guided by the Instinct law of: “Is it For me or Against me”; its childish counterpart is a greedy For or Against “me, me, me”. Either way, it “seeds” ones Philosophy of Life. The Childish feel entitled to “only For me” benefits and privileges; their “Against me” are others having what they want, as in well-being and happiness—and since they cannot be like that, they do the opposite. Also, the Childish are envious and threatened by others Selfhood and External world achievements–and since they cannot or are unwilling to do it, that leads them to further hate themselves. Then they respond with a “Bully” Attitude, as in claiming: “I’m superior to you because I live in a Supernatural (made-up) world and possess all of its “Powers”. In this Fantasy world they create their God, Devil, and Hell—describing each as having an unnatural, unmovable, undeniable, unconquerable, unexplainable, incomparable, unimaginable, immeasurable, and unthinkable nature. Then they proudly state that what they think, feel, say, act, and react to follows that Supernatural pattern—a mindset they call Non-Rational; Ancient Africans called it “the god Set”; and I call it “Brute”. Know Clearly that these Bullies’ position is that whatever the Natural World is “For,” they are “Against”. So, Unconditional Love’s opposite is Indifference/Hate/Evil/Sadism; Truth’s opposite is anything but Truth; Realty’s opposite is Fantasy Supernatural; the Natural’s opposite is what is anti-Humanity. Featured are Acquired Emotions and their Fetters which determine thoughts for acting out the Seven Deadly Sins—pride (arrogance), covetousness (greed), lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth (lazy). This combination displays as to Kill/Take/Destroy/Dominate/Control/Oppress those they feign to be “Against” them. In contrast, a human’s natural maturity, by possessing a Spark of God, is towards: “Is it For ‘ME/WE’ or Against ‘ME/WE’.” Decisions are based upon Principles operating inside Processes of Nature, from which African Mathematics was derived. It uses a human’s natural Pure Intellect in a “check and balance” with its Pure (pre-birth) Emotions mate. Whereas such African Logic follows a Cause, Effect, Consequences, and Results pattern, Non-Rational mindsets so violate this as for there to be no possibility of it ever getting to the Truth, Knowledge, or Wisdom of any Real Thing. This is because it is “Savage Wild”—meaning unconformity to rule or duty–irregular in presentation and consistency—and unripe.

A “Savage Wild” mindset inside a sham “civilized” society is like being attached to heavy iron-ball drag-chains + residing as a naked mind encaged in a cell, closet, cellar, stall, or pen + being lashed into obedience. As a form of coping, while sinking into the quicksand of Despair + self-defense + self-protection, one engages in Self-Abandonment as a refuge from ones self-hate and mental pain. That inner turmoil consists of/displays as fearful, imitative, extravagant, amoral, credulousness, cowardly, stormy, rashly imprudent, and cruel; lacks individuality, Free Will, and Self-control; sees the straight as crooked, the peaceful as weak–needing enslavement; and feels most comfortable in an excited crowd exhibiting reckless want of judgment—e.g. riots, panics, lynchings, burnings, and revivals. ItsNon-Rationality is about what is senseless to Rational minds; elevating Acquired Emotions/Fetters over mathematical Reason; and having a disordered understanding of all that feigned enemies are about. 

Its Acquired Irrational behaviors are unconstrained by reason; thoughts arrive at unacceptable conclusions from Invalid reasoning; lack reproducible patterns for decisions/solutions; and their “truths” are more harmful than reasoned errors. Its Acquired Illogical aspects deal with what is so false and foolish as to generate confusion and conflict of thought—using big words to cover it. “Savage Wild” mindsets are mirrored back in all aspects as “normal” by fellow cult members–members who engage in the same deportment and faulty thinking in all compartments of that cult society—members who inhale all similarities of each other’s putrid breath–and in infinite repetition. Non-Reason displays great skill in Superficial Thinking and great dedication to self-interest deception aimed at non-thinking people. Such mindsets are world-wide + historically verifiable by going back to primitive Europeans’ beginnings + readily demonstrated today by listening to politicians, especially Republicans. The Non-Rational will never change. They know nothing else; are locked “militarily”; and are too fearful and insecure to explore and handle their “Dark Side Raw Nerves” which account for evil behaviors.

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A powerful Creative and Critical Thinking exercise is to first learn shapes of the Pyramid, Square, Trapezius, Trapezoid, Rectangle, Triangle, Circle, Octagon, Ellipse, Lunette; study which are Cosmic and/or and human-made; and determine what are indications for using...


Patterns, Shapes, and Forms are fundamental tools to help one see and give meaning to Real, Surreal, and Unreal Things. These contribute to understanding and the explaining of Principles (unchanging realities), Events (changing realities), Settings, Situations, and...


“ME/WE” is an: "All for One, One for all" concept of African Zulus, called Ubuntu. The Nguni Bantu define it as connection of all “Humanity”—meaning its “Sameness” creation is the Cosmic Force. They translate it as: “I am because we are”; or “Humanity towards others”...

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