Street Improvements, Closures begin at San Bernardino County Government Center

Street Improvements, Closures begin at San Bernardino County Government Center

San Bernardino – On Monday, October 23, the County of San Bernardino began Phase 1(b) of a street improvement master plan project at the county’s downtown campus located on North Arrowhead Avenue, San Bernardino. As a result, parking will be limited on several streets and parking lots in and around the location. 

The project will permanently eliminate street parking along Mountain View Avenue between Fifth Street and Third Street and Fourth Street from Mountain View Avenue to Sierra Way. 

In addition, parts of Mountain View Avenue from Fifth Street to Third Street, and Fourth Street from Mountain View Avenue to Sierra Way will remain closed to vehicle traffic until the project in completed sometime in July 2018. 

Public parking remains available in a lot located just north of the Public Health building on Fourth Street and Mountain View Avenue, and on the northwest corner of Arrowhead Avenue and Court Street. 

The sidewalks, crosswalks and entrances to county buildings remain available to foot traffic. Parking lots along the streets will remain open from 7am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. 

The goal of the master plan, of which this street improvement is a part, is to modernize the county’s Government Center Complex and improve overall accessibility. The effort will also include new, drought resistant landscaping, two-way drive lanes on Mountain View, a roundabout on Mountain View and Fourth Street, street lighting, and general improvements to the area’s aesthetics. The effort is projected to cost approximately $3.7 million.

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