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State Tax Exemption for Teachers

by admin on 24th-March-2017

Sacramento, CA

Like other states around the country, California is experiencing a teacher shortage and to encourage more teachers to consider the state as the ideal place to set down their teaching roots, last week the legislature introduced SB807, the Teachers Recruitment and Retention Act. 

The proposed legislation would make teachers, who have been on the job for a minimum of five years, exempt from paying state income taxes. 

Despite this state senate bill, and at least five other legislative efforts under consideration and designed to help minimize the teacher shortage, Governor Jerry Brown has already signaled that if the bills successfully pass through the legislature, he may not sign them into law. This assessment is based on comments made by the governor when he signed his 2017-18 budget proposal earlier this year. At that time, he made it clear that the state cannot afford any initiative that might be aimed at reducing the state’s long-standing teacher shortage.

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