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State Legislators Seek More Time for Prop 47 Fulfillment

by admin on 8th-September-2016



A measure sent to the governor’s desk for approval last week would give felons who are eligible for reclassification under Proposition 47, five additional years to complete the reclassification process for relief. 

Proposition 47, passed under a 2014 statewide ballot measure, reclassified some nonviolent drug and property crimes from felonies to misdemeanors and created a window of opportunity for those convicted under the more stringent sentencing guidelines to request lighter sentences and/or reclassification from a felony to a misdemeanor. The window for such reconsideration was set to expire next year. 

Officials, however, sought to extend the final date for reclassification out of an abundance of concern that the rapidly approaching deadline would trigger a surge in applications and as a result, overwhelm an already stretched judicial system.

Proposition 47 was a voter approved measure. As a result, in order for the legislature to extend the end date it required a super-majority vote in both the Assembly and the Senate. 

The extension measure successfully passed through the Assembly in May and finally cleared the Senate last week.

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