Shelley Kennedy-Smith Promoted to Chief Deputy

Shelley Kennedy-Smith Promoted to Chief Deputy

Hardy L. Brown

Hardy L. Brown

I learned this week that my friend Shelley Kennedy-Smith has been promoted to Chief Deputy Sheriff in the Riverside County Sheriff Department by another friend, Sheriff Stan Sniff. This is double sweet to me because Sheriff Sniff is a friend that is true to his word.

When Sheriff Sniff took over the reins as sheriff he said to me that under his administration he would have a more inclusive and diverse staff. He said it would not be easy or quick but he was going to work on it by training and placing people in positions that would give them the experience and exposure for advancement in the department.

Now while the sheriff has done his part so did Shelley. She got her education and took advantage of the opportunities placed before her. She is a perfect example for others to follow regardless of race or gender.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department became involved with the Black Voice Newspaper through Dr. Paulette Brown-Hinds, over a decade ago with a mission of helping to do outreach into the community and a goal of presenting the
agency as a good place to work and provide for a family while providing an important service to the community.

Department employees, led by Sheriff Sniff, have visited churches and community groups recruiting Blacks and Latinos into the ranks. Now comes this promotion of Shelley as Chief Deputy. I want to congratulate Chief Deputy Shelley Kennedy Smith on her new responsibilities and thank Sheriff Stan Sniff for keeping his word and leading the way for others in Riverside County to follow on how to be more inclusive becoming a place where diversity is the norm.

Thankful for 51 Years of Pure Happiness and Joy

This past weekend marked the 51st year of my marriage to Cheryl. Now while we did not throw a party we did sit and do something that we used to do quite often and that is turn off the television and talk with each other for about three hours without interruption.

We decided to wait until all of the family can be together for a family gathering later this year.
We reflected on the past, present, and (believe it or not) the future of what we hope to do and accomplish for family and community.

We (or Cheryl) I should say, does not take lightly her responsibilities as a state legislator. She has learned a lot about how government works for or against its people and learned more about herself in the process. Her colleagues and outside groups know how to apply pressure for a vote on any issue while she tries to speak up for the people in the 47th district.

She has found her faith in God is stronger than she ever believed and has become a FROG, which means Fully Relying On God. So if you see her wearing a pin looking like a frog ask her about it.

We have accomplished much since we got married with just $35 in my pocket and a two-door 1958 Plymouth Fury Golden Commando car waiting on my first pay day with the California Electric Company (now Edison). From that we began saving and planning our way to what we are today.

We recognize now that it was God’s Goodness and Mercy following us. He has done so much in both of our lives and we give him all the glory for being here with us.

It has not been easy but a joy during our marriage as we have served God, raised a family, never missing a paycheck during that time, building a business, starting organizations, serving our community, traveling all over the world and now Cheryl serving as a legislator.

To my wife, family, and friends I say thank you for being there with us. I have counted it all joy.

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