Seniors Beware of Dogs, Thieves who are out to Rob You

Seniors Beware of Dogs, Thieves who are out to Rob You

Hardy L. Brown. Photo by Benoit Malphettes

I recently received in the mail a letter from “Sears Master Card” informing me: “To keep your credit limit from being lowered due to inactivity, you must make a purchase or other transaction by July 31,2017.” The letter went on to say “Thank you for being a valued Sears Master Card Member!” Evidently after a recent review of my account, they noticed that my account had been inactive for over 17 months and they were going to lower my limit unless I sent money or used the card.

At first, I started to tear up the letter but then decided to write about it and some of the other schemes that I see every day as a senior citizen with people trying to get us to buy things we do not need. So I say to Sears when I need something I will purchase it and not one day before I need it. I have been around the credit card charge block too many times in my young age to travel that road again, so take your carefully worded letters somewhere else.

Another letter I recently received was from a company that wanted to sell me some insurance to cover my gas line that is on my property. The Norwalk, Conn company “Home Emergency Insurance Solutions in California” sent the letter. The letter admits the California Public Utilities Commission does not regulate them and they are an independent company that is not an affiliate of So Cal Gas. The way the words are strung together one might think it is from the gas company. It is a sham to get people to buy insurance they do not need. 

Then they call every day asking to speak with someone that they think lives in the house. Now the joke is for me to answer the phone and they immediately hang up once they hear my voice, which they cannot understand. Yet they continue to call and it gives me something to do by answering the phone and it gets a laugh from who ever might be there when I do that.

Senior citizens, you do not have to answer the phone, just let them leave a message. If it is someone you know then call them back and delete the rest. Do not engage in a conversation with people you do not know over the phone. They are trained to gather bits and pieces of information from each call and build a database on you to steal your identification or to continue to send you misleading letters and invoices with the belief that you will eventually fall for one of their tricks. When my family members come to visit, especially grandchildren, I instruct them to not answer the phone unless I see who is calling.

Crooks stay up 24/7 just trying to figure out how to steal something you worked hard for. Philippians Chapter 3 Verse 2 tells us to watch out for those types of dogs and evildoers. I have never been taken in by any of them but wanted to write about this problem because each day I hear of a senior citizen that gets robbed by these thieves.

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