Send a Note to the President

Send a Note to the President

Source: White House Facebook

Washington, D.C.

Technology now makes it possible for anyone with an internet connection to send a message to the President and his administration with the new White House Messenger bot, a first of its kind for any government in the world.  

As a result, you can now send a note to President Obama simply by messaging the White House on Facebook the same way you message your friends.  

According to the White House digital team, the President’s goal is to meet people where they are; that is why the President launched his own Twitter Account and the First Lady is on Snapchat. It is about creating opportunities for people to engage with their government in new and accessible ways using the same technologies we already use in our daily lives. 

According to the tech publication Recode, “a bot is software that designed to automate the kinds of tasks you would usually do on your own, like making a dinner reservation, adding an appointment to your calendar or fetching and displaying information.” Also, a form of bots called chatbots, simulate conversation.

Reaching out to the President on Facebook is easy. Go to and click on message.

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