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San Bernardino County HR Director Resigns Under a Cloud of Suspicion

by admin on 10th-August-2017

San Bernardino, CA

Cindi Peterson Tompkins

Human Resources Director Cindi Peterson Tompkins resigned her position with the County of San Bernardino at the end of July, joining two predecessors who also resigned unexpectedly. 

Although the reasons for their departures were different, what they appear to have in common beyond the job title they held was purported actions that cast doubt on their professional ethics. 

In November 2015, Tompkins’ predecessor, Andrew Lamberto, resigned after having served in the position for ten years. His resignation was tendered after it became public he had been convicted of soliciting a prostitute in Orange County. 

Lamberto’s predecessor, Elizabeth Sanchez, resigned in December of 2004, when her affair with Jim Erwin, then-president of the Sheriff’s Employees’ Benefit Association became public. Sanchez was involved with Erwin while she was negotiating a $27 million contract between the County of San Bernardino and SEBA. 

Although the reason for Tompkins’ sudden departure is yet to be fettered out, observers wonder whether it had to do with her hiring three co-workers from her previous employer, Esri of Redlands, to fill top-rated management positions with the county, complete with annual salaries that exceeded $100,000. The Board of Supervisors has also purportedly received several complaints from county employees about Tompkins’ hiring practices and leadership style. 

To date, the County of San Bernardino has not released a copy of Tompkin’s resignation letter, however, it did announce that the county’s chief labor relations officer, Bob Windle, will serve as the county’s acting HR director until a replacement for Tompkins is appointed by the Board of Supervisors. 

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