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San Bernardino City Council Member Benito Barrios Offers Gun for Sell During Council Meeting

by admin on 8th-October-2015
Hardy Brown Sr.

Hardy Brown Sr.

San Bernardino 2nd Ward City Councilmember Benito Barrios, decided to engage in selling a friend’s gun online while sitting in session at the last San Bernardino city council meeting a few weeks ago.

Now when you observe Barrios’ demeanor while he is sitting at the dais, he appears quiet with not much input and now I understand why. I used to think it was because he was paying close attention to those making presentations for better understanding and to show professional courtesy to presenters. I guess I was wrong.

It is this kind of lapse in judgment of some elected leaders that has put the city of San Bernardino in such poor relations with the public. Most citizens who speak before the council think they are not taken seriously and now Barrios’ behavior confirms their suspicion.


Barrios admitted it was a mistake but when we look at the gun issues facing our society one has to wonder what Barrios was thinking (or not thinking) to do such a thing while sitting at a public policy making meeting.

Most elected officials forget that the public can request records of their emails, texts or postings during the time they are on duty as a council member. I am sure they would turn off those electronic traps of embarrassments if they remembered. The public has a right to know who and what these leaders are doing when engaged in business for the public. So if you do not want your personal business in the streets, do not conduct personal business while sitting in session.

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