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Riverside Superior Court Receives Innovation Grants for New Technology

by admin on 26th-May-2017

Shiane D. Jacocks

Last month, the Judicial Council of California approved $23.5 million in grant funding to help local trial courts provide more effective and streamlined services to the public. 

The Superior Court of California for the County of Riverside was one of the grant recipients. It was awarded $875,668 for three new programs as follows: 

Intelligent Self-Help (multi-lingual stations) provides features that include answering frequently asked questions, maps/directions to physical courthouses, and self-help locations. This system will also enable jurors to electronically check in for service upon arrival at the courthouses, greatly simplifying the process for these individuals who perform their civic duty. 

Traffic Avatar will assist online for paying tickets, providing proof of correction, and other easy accesses. The Avatar will aid what otherwise would require the customer to visits a courthouse and wait in line or call and experience often lengthy wait time delays. 

Attorney and Litigant Electronic Courtroom Check-in will electronically notify staff that both parties are present and prepared for court. The proximity check in technology is compatible with Apple and Android smartphone devices. 

These new, online services are almost certain to save time and energy for attorneys, litigants, and the public. 

“I am incredibly proud of the collective effort of court staff on these projects. Our technology team, led by Pete Pappas, has created a system which will save court users time, provide needed information quickly, and lower the level of frustration many feel when they cannot easily access the court system,” said Presiding Judge Becky L. Dugan.

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