Republican National Convention’s opening day debacle

Republican National Convention’s opening day debacle


Cleveland, OH

“We’re gonna win so big,” presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump bragged to attendees to at the GOP Convention Monday night in Cleveland where he was welcomed with rousing and enthusiastic applause.

Trump's words were similar to comments he made last year and repeated again in late May. “We gonna win so much you may even get tired of winning and you'll say please, please Mr. President, It's too much winning!”

However, the first day of Trump’s highly touted 2016 Republican National Convention appeared to many to fall far short of the launch he expected to propel his campaign to victory in November. Certainly, the final chapter of the convention is yet to be written, however the opening day debacles broadcast around the world on Monday were considered by many to show the event in less than polished light. 

The first side of trouble appeared when the Stop Trump movement was stymied by the convention leadership that chose to ignore an effort by delegates opposed to Trump to disrupt and derail a rules adoption process. The failed attempt appeared to finally put a halt to the “anybody but Trump” movement. In the process however, it created quite a disruption on the floor, one state delegation even walked out.

The evening’s prime-time speakers focused on issues related to national security and as expected included a long list of presenters highly critical of President Obama and his policies as well as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton and her proposals and perceived failures in her capacity as Secretary of State. 


As the party’s presumptive nominee, Trump made a non-traditional appearance on opening night of the convention to introduce his wife, Melania. Even that act was not without controversy. Trump appeared on the stage in a cloud of blue smoke to the unauthorized playing of Queen’s iconic—We are the champions.

Finally, the evening ended on what many observers at first considered a high note with wife Melania’s long anticipated speech. By most initial assessments it was well conceived, well delivered and appeared to strike just the right tone—that was, until the tweets began.

By Tuesday morning, it appeared the events of Monday’s convention were being summed up in a single word—plagiarism.  Comparisons between lines in Melania’s speech that appeared to be taken almost directly from a speech delivered by Michelle Obama during the 2008 Democratic convention were everywhere in the media. Although the Trump campaign launched a rigorous denial effort, readers are free to judge for themselves at

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