The single most important concept for understanding Ancient African Philosophy is that of Circumstance/Correspondence. Although Very Ancient Africans discovered all Mathematics, its single most important aspect is Qualitative, not Quantitative, Algebra. To elaborate on both, Ancient African Sages, after determining certain Laws of Nature from Very Ancient Africans’ astro-mathmetics (c20,000 BC), inferred that the Cosmic Force, Sekhem (the Spiritual God of the Natural World) is Unknowable. Yet, God can be known by God’s manifestations. The knowing of the unknowable God by God’s manifestations is a Circumstance method. Such happens by the meaning of Correspondence—i.e. all Cosmic manifestations are made from God’s Androgynic plast, the Substance consisting of the Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love and its attributes of Truth, Reality, and the Natural. That Substance constitutes the “Genetics” or Cosmic Essence for all of God’s Creations and Creatures, including each human. Whereas Unconditional Love is the only eternal, infinite,permanent, stationary, and unchanging Entity in the Cosmos and whereas the Spiritual Elements are what makes for the “Sameness” in all of God’s Creatures and Creations, each Creature and Creation has a customized “Uniqueness”—i.e. made to specifications according to the Divine Plan. So, the way humans can know the Esoteric Circumstance—placed on one side of an Algebraic “Equal Sign”–is by its Correspondent being placed on the other side.Esoteric (African, inner knowledge) is involuted or in-folded intricacies of Spiritual Elements about Foundational Realities which defy human understanding. To that which the Esoteric most appropriately Corresponds, has its subtle Truths Evoluted—i.e. the unfolding of its intricacies related to certain of the mysterious things about God; the things belonging to God; and the things revealed by God to humans. Suppose explorers of a strange land see a pond leading into a stream—that stream leading into a river—that river leading into a lake—and that lake is leading somewhere unable to be seen, but presumably into an ocean. Despite each of these flowing water-way having a different name and despite each named water-way varying in amount, in “what it does” and in “how it appears,” they are all “equivalent” because each and all contain essence water from the same unseen (i.e. Ocean) source.  

This is how Un-seeable things of Worth in the Cosmos are in relation to Seeable things of Value and/or Worth. The Principle is that the permanent, stationary, unchanging, andconsistent Patterns of the Un-seeable is what gives the Order to the underlying natural events of what is the Seeable. These Un-seeables are Circumstantial because they have “Genetic” Correspondence with what is Seeable. An Algebraic equation has an “X” for the Unknown on one side and a “Y” for the Known on the other side. This concept originated with Primitive Africans engaged in Bartering: “I’ll give you a cow for whatever is in your bag”. Here, Estimates about (“X”) and (“Y”) were made via Algebraic Qualitative and Quantitative Mathematical manipulations and maneuverings. Deeper thought arose concerning Esoteric Unknowns (“X”) via Reasoning by Analogy–which uses the known (“Y”) to explain the unknown. Once the Unknown (“X”) or Esoteric Circumstantial is established by the Seeable (“Y”), although it is still Un-seeable, it has sufficiently expanded Knowledge of (“X”) for it to now be used to establish an interrelationship with other Circumstantial Things (“X”) that have Correspondence. 

For example, no human has seen Gravity or physical forces cause Matter to variously vibrate to produce sound, light, heat, and cold. Gravitation is the force by which everything in the Earth World attracts every other thing. To let a rock drop out of ones hand means that instead of hanging in space, it falls to the ground because the Earth has pulled it down out of an attraction for it by means of a force called Gravity. Through this force, the Earth is attracting all Things on it and all things on it are attracting the Earth and everything on Earth. Greater bodies have greater attracting force than lesser bodies, as in a tug of war. All of this is what maintains balance in the Cosmos and holds all of it together. Note that one Un-Seeable Thing, established to exist, is used to verify another Un-Seeable Thing’s existence. Such Certainty Principles, said Ancient Africans, are applicable on all planes of Cosmic existence. These like-kind Circumstanced Implicit patterns of Principles infer the Unknowable God is the Ultimate Creator of all Cosmic Organism manifestations (Amen, Nuk Au Neter p87).jabaileymd.com; JABLifeSkills

Joseph A. Bailey II, MD, FACS

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