Protest Against Rampant Racism Planned at Victorville’s Rancho Motors

Protest Against Rampant Racism Planned at Victorville’s Rancho Motors

Gail Fry

Victorville – The Victor Valley NAACP, the National Action Network, LA and the San Bernardino American News are holding a peaceful demonstration on Friday, November 10, protesting Rancho Motor’s “racist and predatory practices toward minority groups, specifically the African American Community,” according to a September 8, letter to the City of Victorville. 

Attorney Tristan Pelayes represents two clients, both former employees, who are suing Victorville Rancho Motors (Rancho Motors) alleging a pattern and practice of fraud due to its targeting of higher interest rates for customers who were mostly African-American, those with low credit scores or insufficient income; and bank fraud by “generating false credit applications” and for making inappropriate comments about female employees and customers. 

Christopher White, a Caucasian, filed his lawsuit January 27, 2017, and Rene Williams, half Black and half Filipino, filed his lawsuit September 7. Following are their allegations.: According to White’s lawsuit, racism was common at Rancho Motors with African-American customers called “n-word bitch” or “nappy credit” or “Adelanto wiggles” opining they were “unreliable, untruthful, and typically had poor credit scores.” 

Middle Eastern employees were ‘towel heads’ or ‘camel jockeys’ or ‘ali babas.’ Gay customers were ‘football bats’ or ‘queers,’ while customers with low credit scores were ‘roaches’ or ‘mooches’ or ‘pieces of shxt.’ 

Williams’ lawsuit makes similar allegations describing his April 7, 2017, hiring as creating a false appearance of racial equality with him as the “token Black employee” after White’s lawsuit was filed. 

White and Williams’ attorney, Tristan Pelayes, told The Voice/Black Voice News, “I am just stunned in this day and age and that these things can happen.” 

For more information about the protest, contact NAACP Victor Valley Branch 1082, located at 14240 Saint Andrew Drive, Victorville, CA with phone number (760) 241-8600. Rancho Motors is located at 15425 Dos Palmas Road, Victorville, CA 92392.

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