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Protect Your Family Against the Flu

by admin on 26th-January-2018


The CDC has noted that for the first time in a decade, a flu epidemic is simultaneously active in 49 states—the entire nation is involved, with the exception of Hawaii. According to the CDC, the flu arrived earlier this year and its impact is deadly. Through last Friday, at least thirty children nationally have succumbed to the illness. Beyond getting the recommended flu shot, here are a few other tips to help protect against this epidemic: wash your hands frequently; isolate the toothbrushes of those in the family who become ill; wash bedding frequently (or at least pillow cases) in hot water especially when someone becomes ill; consider having a sick family member use disposable paper towels and cups while they are ill to limit the spread of germs; clean humidifiers daily and dry thoroughly before reuse to prevent germs from breeding there; and frequently wipe remotes with antibacterial wipes.

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