[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Primitive African Shaman played a great role in formatting all Supernatural Imaginations of the world’s cultures. Starting in Africa, Shaman were the particular guardians and reciters of incantations, chants, and traditions of African people. As Africans migrated all over the world, these Shaman aspects served as “Seeds” for every conceivable cultivation as it budded into every flowering society. To illustrate, African Shamans’ “Seed” ideas were modified by primitive Europeans into all forms of Imaginary Beings residing in the Unseen–Fantasy Beings made in their own Warrior Image as, for example, the warrior god Thor—Contingent Beings representing the warriors’ self-seeking interest pursuits. Those pursuits were symbolic animalistic characterizations of the lowest of human desires—of Indifference/Hate/Evil/Sadism thoughts and practices–of the lowest compatible affections, emotions, and appetites. European warrior leaders worshipped their various self-made gods for purposes of being continually motivated to act on all that was significant to them–e.g. to acquire riches–to be ferocious in Kill/Take/Destroy/Dominate/Oppress practices—to be powerful ruling ‘little gods’—to generate “Excitement” for the “here and now”—all of this without limit or satiety. By having self-declared occult powers over Nature, they applied brute force to harm enemies and to benefit themselves. This mindset persisted throughout all branching cultural transmissions into every European aspect of life—e.g. religion, society, government, business. The commonality of their Supernatural Beings diversified into various orders of angels, demons, fairies, dead ancestors, and of “Super-human” leaders believed to possess a numinous (Supernatural) aura of omnipotence.

Of even greater significance was for leaders in the various fields of life to perfect their weapons (e.g. of mind control and/or of arms) for conquering others. Such reliance on, and skill in, using these forces left its terrible and lasting mark on the face of Europe–an ongoing savage status quo society + continent fragmentation into hundreds of small, independent states which transformed into compact, self-sufficient strong-holds that could be defended against conquest–a state persisting up to the Renaissance. Typically, upon settling among the conquered people, they adopted victims’ customs, styles, and religions. Many of their gods were borrowed into their Christianity version of African Christianity. Yet, persistence of warring themes of their primitive religions did not die, even after the intensive efforts to convert these warriors into Christianity. In general, their concepts of warrior gods and their Indifference/Hate/Evil/Sadism mindsets remained selectively attentive to the “Scarce Desirables” in the Physical and the European philosophical versions of the Supernatural realms. And these were honored while Goodness was attacked. Furthermore, whatever was “against a materialistic Good life” became the standard to which that deemed ‘Evil’ was compared and judged. Still, those assessments had no generally offered or acceptable justifying definitions, explanations, or reasons.

Meanwhile, out of African mythological stories brought to all foreign lands by migrating Africans, concepts extracted and fashioned by Europeans went in the direction of innovating mind control tools above humans’ ability to contradict or to counteract. Thus, Supernatural “Air Castle” structures and Abyss-type “bottomless pits” were their perfect phantasmagoric (fantastic sequences of haphazardly associative imagery) creations that could be made to “SEEM” realistic. To this end, they drew on Very Ancient African perceptions of “Bad luck” stars being holes in the dome through which the fires of “a disaster” could be seen. For this “disaster” or “bad star” imagery they applied Hel (Hell)–the European goddess’ name for the underworld and the dead–the spirit of evil. This was also in accord with the Indo-European root for “inferior” and “infernal,” carrying the idea of “Hell,” as well as of European leaders believing that by their “home” and gods being Supernatural thus made them “superior” and their enemies, “inferior.” When later Europeans added “Complex” to “Inferior,” that designated the twine-like braiding of bad thoughts and bad feelings into a “mental hell”—a reflection of European warriors own mindsets. [This series on Hell and the Devil/Satan is reproduced from Bailey, Post-Traumatic Distress Syndrome p158-166; Bailey, Ancient African Bible Messages; Bailey, Stopping the Violence; Bailey, African Knowledge vs. European Information][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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