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Preparing to do Battle

by admin on 15th-October-2016


San Bernardino, CA

Attorneys remain locked in battle over what evidence will be allowed at trial during the infamous San Bernardino County Colonies corruption case. 

Last Wednesday and again this week, San Bernardino Superior Court Judge Michael A. Smith heard arguments from prosecutors and defense attorneys in an effort to limit the scope of what either side can include. 

The case involves Rancho Cucamonga Developer Jeff Burum and three former San Bernardino County officials including former San Bernardino Second District Supervisor Paul Biane; former Assistant Assessor Jim Erwin; and Mark Kirk, the former chief of staff to now retired First District Supervisor Gary Ovitt. 

Collectively, Burum and the county officials purportedly conspired to settle a 2006 lawsuit between Burum’s investment group, Colonies Partners LP and the County of San Bernardino for $102 million. Burum allegedly paid bribes in the amount of $100,000 to each of the named officials in order to secure the settlement.

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