Post Thanksgiving Pictorial Review of Thanks

Post Thanksgiving Pictorial Review of Thanks
Hardy L. Brown

Hardy L. Brown

It was a full day of activities at our home for Thanksgiving with all of the children being home for the holiday. One of the things that happened before the big day was Regina had arranged for a tent to be put up in the backyard. However, this could not be done until after 6pm. When the tent rental company arrived, they pulled their van up on the front lawn to unload and carry the equipment back and forth.

One of our neighbors not knowing what was going on as they drove by called 911 to report that a burglary might be taking place. So about 12:15 a.m. as I lay in bed, I heard the doorbell ring. Cheryl was just getting out of the shower. I yelled to her that someone was at the door and she yelled out “who is it?” to which they responded, the police. They wanted to know if everything was all right. Cheryl told them yes and they left. I then had her call 911 to make sure it was the police and the 911 operator told her yes they had received a call from one of our neighbors.

I shared that story because our neighbors look out for one another and a very nice police officer responded to the call. Equally important was the 911 operator that explained it all to my wife without hesitation. So in addition to giving thanks to my family, I am thankful for caring neighbors, a nice police officer, and a very kind and courteous 911 operator.

We had a wonderful time together as we ate and exchanged stories of what has been happening in our lives. (Family selfies courtesy of Hardy Brown)


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