Post-Election Blues

Post-Election Blues


Feeling the post-election blues? Cheer up, you’re not alone. A major election always leads to major change – psychological change that is. No matter who wins an election, the unexpected emotional letdown or explosive reaction after the ballots are counted can be overwhelming to many, especially the aged or over-involved who can be set up for crushing amounts of what is called Post-Election Letdown. 

This election has been one of the most uncivilized and stressful in American history because of numbing news fatigue and continual media over-exposure, yet the real emotional problems come in the days after the ballots are counted. Personal anxiety, professional panic and poorly thought out decisions are on the horizon for many regardless of their political persuasion. 

It's based on how this election process has been so overwhelming with months of negative news, never ending data to process and confusing choices to make on complex issues while partisan experts are shouting every half-hour on news/talk stations that we are all doomed if their candidate doesn't win. Not to mention the huge challenge on who is trustworthy, since you often don't know who will say something inappropriate on YouTube and crash their credibility, leaving you feeling very alone to make some major decisions without leaders who lacked the strength of character to stand on their convictions instead of popular opinion polls. 

Everyone will feel some degree of emotional letdown once the issues have been decided and the acceptance speeches are given. That's normal, however for some the removal of posters, signs, balloons and banners will lead to a free fall of depressing emotions. If someone has been a 'news junkie' the last few months it will be especially stressful. 

To combat the letdown of the period after the election, put routine back into your lives. Political junkies who lost their sleeping and eating routines should get back on schedule. They should also take part in community activities, such as volunteering, book clubs or other interest groups. 

Even supporters of winning and losing candidates may feel a little off for two weeks or more. 

For some, the excitement will continue for a couple of weeks, until the reality sets in that the candidates they elected won't be able to do anything until January. 

Anyone who feels depressed, hopeless or powerless after the election should realize that they as individuals have the ultimate control over their everyday lives. 

The new president is not going to find you a job or pay your rent; the president is not the one who manages your individual budgets. If people want changes, they can do that in their day-to-day lives. They don't need a candidate to do that. 

Those who feel truly overwhelmed should see a psychologist who can help them think out loud.

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