The Ancient African Bible’s Pyramid (Unas) Texts part (c10,000 BC) said the Mind’s Eye (i.e. Pineal Gland)—the ‘Eye’ of Intuitional vision; of Heru (Horus); of Auraut; of Ureaus; of the Goddess’ Brow; of Ajna Chakra—has luminous “Inner Vision.” Their Pineal Gland (meaning “pine cone-shaped”) Knowledge was contributed to by observations of circadian rhythms, by bio-metabolism of human’s bodies, and by anatomical studies which showed a string of glands along the spinal column (backbone), called “Chakra” Energy Centers. The gland at the top of a human’s head (the sixth energy wheel) corresponds to the third eye of reptiles. More research showed the Mind, Body, and Soul all touch each other at only one single point—the Pineal Gland. It and the Pituitary body are means for detecting vibrations subtler than Science ordinarily recognizes. Since human Sensory Consciousness is governed by Light, Light coming through physical eyes hits the Pineal Gland—i.e. ones center of consciousness with “Inner Vision.” That “hit” illuminates understanding via its Mind, Body, and Soul interrelationships–all being intimately associated with certain similar mental, but very subtle vibratory waves, which thereby expand ones state of awareness. An analogy is to liken the pineal gland’s ability to receive and transmit messages to wireless telegraphy (Swami Panchadasl, Clairvoyance p46; Swami Vishita, Genuine Mediumship p45). The Pineal Gland–the size of a grain of puffed rice–is situated between and behind the eyebrows, anatomically positioned at the base of the Brain/top of the Spinal Cord junction and attached to the mid-brain (Emotional, Limbic, Old Mammalian). The nearby Cerebellum, said to admit currents of Spirit for distribution into the spinal marrow, attracts the spiritual and life-giving substance. This helps the Pineal Gland’s association with a human’s highest spiritual function. The Pineal Gland’s role is to provide Instinctive Knowledge whose instinctive faculty resides in the Life-Force division of Being (Amen, Metu Neter III:30). That concerns itself first with the Thing’s essence and with Ma’at’s “ME/WE” Wisdom, Goodness, Justice, and Perfection displays. 

The Pineal Gland produces Melatonin, which activates the Pituitary to release Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone. It is associated with regulating biorhythms and stimulating the brain to produce serotonin, a sleep pattern regulator. Sleep–a process dependent on daylight–is an altered state of Consciousness. One reason is that Melanin granules form a large neural network whose function is to absorb and decode ‘electromagnetic waves’ which constantly come into the human body as a force. An over-simplification is that an electric current, electricity in motion, is always accompanied by a magnetic force. Increase and change in the electromagnetic field has profound effects upon the brain’s Melanin precursory (introductory) centers for forming and developing adrenaline, serotonin, and norepinephrine (a neurotransmitter peptide related to altered brain function and consciousness states).

Meanwhile, Ancient Africans found Carbon to be the key atom in all living Cosmic Matter. Linkages with other carbon atoms form black melanin. Melanin, the chemical key to life, was the first chemical that could capture light and reproduce itself. Next found was the brain draped around black neuro-melanin. In turn, this was associated with Inner vision, Intuition, Creative genius, Spiritual Illumination, and high intelligence in Black People. All of these were discovered to be dependent upon Pineal Gland blood-borne chemical messengers that control skin color. Such opened hidden doors to the Collective Unconscious mind, allowing Ancient African priest-scientists to visualize knowledge from the timeless Collective Unconscious memory banks of the mind [which I believe is located in the Omnibus Brain]. Spiritual Visions, said Ancient Africans, occur through ones Pineal Gland brain fibers which, in turn, are connected with ones nostrils–as when taking in the air one breathes. The air one breathes keeps one in spiritual consciousness with Cosmic rhythms, thereby maintaining a personal relationship with ones Creator. One is supplied with all the spiritual necessities required at birth–necessities cultivated by intuitive or even visionary modes of apprehension. Such has the inherent power to be what it is (i.e. its true self) and, by itself, expresses its true self so as to display its true nature. When recognized as being of itself–without anything making it go and without being worked upon–it is a Vision, bringing “That it is” Pineal Waves into awareness.

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