Organization is a planned arrangement of many parts in smooth interrelationship. If one’s life is like a Star, radiating out in all directions are independent activities that ought to work interdependently so as to enhance the whole + each ray’s independent duties. To this end, one Mental Tool is The Life Triangle. At the tip of the Triangle are People duties; Nature (at the left base tip); Things (at the right base tip); and You inside the Triangle, subdivided into Spirit, Intellect, Feelings, and Body. This Triangle partners with the Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Triangle  to put life’s major overwhelming aspects (e.g. Success) into some order to make decisions for solutions. The ADL deals with: “Have to do”; “Need to do”; “Want to do”; “Ought to do”; “How to do” parts of any Problem. Step IPrioritize the Problem’s aspects in each Life Triangle category into the “big 3”: Necessities, Important, Desires. To illustrate Prioritizing, imagine basketball players forming narrowing levels in a Triangle. The Triangle base consists of “pick-up” games played by community youth. A step up is organized high school basketball teams; the step above are college teams; the step near the Triangle tip is Professional teams; at the tip is the All-Star Game; and above the tip is the Super-Apex or MVP (most valuable player) of the All-Star Game. Step II: Necessities taken out of each of the 4 Life Triangle categories are themselves Prioritized so as to allot in ones day a given amount of time according to rank. This is like varying the sizes of the slices of a pie so the MVP gets the biggest–called Apportionment. Step III: What constitutes the Priorities in Necessities, the Important, and of Desires is an individual’s decision. Yet, only the ADL Triangle’s 5 aspects apply to the Necessities and the Important. All MVP Necessities are to be done firstDesires last!

Example: Write your at Death Will for distributing your Estate in front of witnesses who can verify you were of Sound Mind. Then, if no trusted Agent or friend is available, get a  big financial firm (who charges a small percent) to ensure all is carried out. This helps reduce magnitudes of crushing burdens being put on loved ones, including soaring end-of-life medical costs. Once decisions are made, write your Living Will and durable power of attorney for deathbed healthcare dealings in the best language possible. If, to make healthcare decisions for you,you have no trusted person or friend to be your Agent, this is a difficult situation. Finding a worthy Executor might start by asking Social workers or a minister. Meanwhile, do online research, as in checking out “Elder-Care” attorneys or other links to information on aging or nursing homes. For either a Will or a Living Will, you may need one or more Codicils—i.e. a supplement to a Will. Its purpose is to add to, subtract from, or qualify, modify, or revoke the provision(s) of a prior will. Since it is easy to forget what you wanted and on what form, be sure trusted others know what it is and where it is. A reason for all records being in one box is that, after your death, your post-final Will changes in a Codicil, found in that box, can be presented to the court.  

For these end of life as well as daily living concerns, put a workable system in place that includes specific periodic up-dating of friends, your records, and your Agent. There is no place for “Forgetting” because it simply is all about a “down-side” and with no “Up-side”. Do not trust anybody to help you remember. My system is keeping, by the front door, a "Pigeon-Hole" Indoor Reminder Box—one with a series of holes, as if each it holding a bottle of liquids–so I will see it every time I pass by the door. Each hole is indicated by a flag that says: for Hole I, “do today”; Hole II, “do at end of the month”; Hole III, “end of the year”; Hole IV—“in 2020”. Another series of Holes is what to do Weekly, Monthly, Yearly. A third series can be about letters, bills, “to do,”  and whom to contact. One can devise ones own system. Some of the healthcare admonitions can be placed on the refrigerator door so paramedics might see them. This honors ones own big decisions when one is not able. My Dad did not want to die in a hospital and I ensured health care workers were there for him around the clock. He also wanted me to give all of his belongings to the Poor—a real big deal! Also, make several copies of all telephone + other information needed. Put one in different room drawers, perhaps giving one to the Trustee or Agent, and, if feasible, one to the healthcare provider. Without an attorney, the costs could be as little as $20 to $100. Being organized helps relieve worry and tension so as to have a better life and be able to indulge ones Desires as one ages.; JABLifeSkills;

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A powerful Creative and Critical Thinking exercise is to first learn shapes of the Pyramid, Square, Trapezius, Trapezoid, Rectangle, Triangle, Circle, Octagon, Ellipse, Lunette; study which are Cosmic and/or and human-made; and determine what are indications for using...


Patterns, Shapes, and Forms are fundamental tools to help one see and give meaning to Real, Surreal, and Unreal Things. These contribute to understanding and the explaining of Principles (unchanging realities), Events (changing realities), Settings, Situations, and...


“ME/WE” is an: "All for One, One for all" concept of African Zulus, called Ubuntu. The Nguni Bantu define it as connection of all “Humanity”—meaning its “Sameness” creation is the Cosmic Force. They translate it as: “I am because we are”; or “Humanity towards others”...

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