Ontario Airport Transfer of Ownership Complete

Ontario Airport Transfer of Ownership Complete


Ontario, CA

An effort years in the making came to fruition last week when the Ontario International Airport was officially transferred from Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) to the Ontario International Airport Authority. 

In 2015, the cities of Ontario and Los Angeles reached agreement and settled litigation over management of the airport. The agreement included terms that facilitated the transfer of ownership of the Ontario Airport (ONT) to the Ontario International Airport Authority (OIAA) with the approval of the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners, Los Angeles City Council, Ontario City Council, the OIAA, and the Federal Aviation Administration. 

When the official transfer was announced, OIAA President and Ontario City Council Member Alan Wapner said, “The OIAA is honored and proud to assume control and operation of ONT on behalf of the coalition of counties and cities that supported local control for ONT over a number of years.” 

Wapner also expressed his belief that transferring the airport was a major step in securing regional cooperation that in the future, should help Southern California maintain the airport capacity needed to meet growing demands for air transportation. 

To this point, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said, “I have supported this transfer of Ontario International Airport to local control since I came into office, because nothing is more important than doing what’s right for the travelers, workers, and neighborhood residents who want improved air travel, better connectivity, and local oversight. I’m pleased by the cooperation and partnership that brought us to this day, and proud to celebrate this incredible milestone.” 

The OIAA was formed in August, 2012 as a Joint Powers Agreement between the City of Ontario and the County of San Bernardino to provide overall direction for the management, operations, development and marketing of the airport.

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